18.03.2021 Solutions

Would You Like Your Project to Be Awarded Prestigious WiredScore Certification?

The unique Burlington House residential project in Manchester already has it. And connectivity with 2N was a crucial factor. Read more.

Modern house in cityThe impressive Burlington House residential complex towers directly over one of the canals in the centre of Manchester. This pinnacle of modern urban housing has been awarded prestigious WiredScore certification for the very highest standard of smart living. The building offers residents the ideal combination of absolute convenience and maximum connectivity. All this under the protection of 2N.

There is no room for compromise in today’s concept of the smart home. The fully integrated access control system includes the 2N® IP Verso designer entry intercom with touch display and digital button for calling reception. Keys and access cards no longer meet expectations for use in contemporary smart homes. Residents use encrypted communication between their mobile phone and the reader at the door to gain access to all areas of the building. All they need is to have the 2N® Mobile Key application installed on their phone. With Bluetooth readers, which are installed everywhere, they don’t even have to remove their phone from their pocket. Simply, it is connectivity in the service of convenience.

You will notice the emphasis on luxury design the moment you step into each flat. Actually, you probably won’t notice it... The 2N® Indoor Touch answering unit in elegant piano black is completely inconspicuous. However, the large HD display springs to life with each video call from a visitor at the door. And if the residents are not at home, they can easily take the video call on their mobile phone. They can even let their neighbours in to feed the fish while they are away on holiday.

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