30.04.2020 Solutions

Your Customers’ Work from Home Can Be a Pleasanter Experience

More and more, people are working from home. To limit their movements outdoors, they shop online more frequently and take advantage of the options for home delivery. When delivery workers bring parcels, building residents should collect them at the door. With our 2N® Mobile Video service, customers can do so without any physical contact at all.

First, customers can see who is calling with their smartphone. They take the call and agree with the delivery worker where to leave the parcel. In the application, the customer chooses which door to open for the delivery worker; for example, the gate to a residential complex or the main door to an apartment building.

If an external camera is connected to 2N® Mobile Video, the customer can follow the delivery worker’s movements on their phone. Once the customer sees that the delivery worker has left the parcel at the front door and is gone, they can go and collect their parcel. This means no contact whatsoever during handover.

Integration with Carson perfectly complements 2N® Mobile Video. The mobile application for managing residential buildings provides a comprehensive service for facility managers and residents alike. Carson employees at non-stop call centres ensure parcel delivery right to the door, even if the tenant is not at home.

You can easily offer 2N® Mobile Video, even for existing installations

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