2N® Lift8 Service Tool

The 2N® Lift8 Service Tool is software used for local (USB) or remote (IP) configuration of one complete 2N® Call Center - Communicator (audio messages, additional modules, splitters and I/O modules).

  • Local (USB) or remote (IP) configuration of the communication system
  • Online diagram display of all connected units
  • Option of uploading your own user messages

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It can also display an online diagram of all connected units, which enables you to perform a rapid check. In addition, it offers the option of uploading your own user messages and logging 2N® Lift8 system operations for simpler and faster technical support, if necessary.

In a simplified version, the application is also available for devices with an Android operating system. This version allows configuration of the parameters of the central unit of the 2N® Lift8 communication system, such as control calls, alarm calls, protocol selection, etc. It is primarily designed for use at the point of installation.