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Stay in Contact with Your Home

The ability to be reached in important situations or knowing what is going on in front of your house could come in handy whether you are at work, walking the dog or on holiday with your family. Thanks to the 2N® Mobile Video service, a call from the 2N IP intercom installed by your door is forwarded directly to your smartphone and you can then tell your visitor when they will be able to catch you at home in person.

  • Stay in contact with visitors from anywhere in the world
  • Always know what is going on in front of your house
  • Open the door even if you are not home
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Stay in Contact with Your Home
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Video monitoring of the entrance to your home
Find out what is happening in front of your entrance. If the intercom registers any movement, excessive noise or an attempt to open the door by force, it can immediately send you an informative e-mail or immediately make a call. You can use the 2N® Mobile Video service installed on your smartphone to see what is happening and try to verbally deter the person in question via the 2N IP intercom.

Always be reached
Thanks to the 2N® Mobile Video service, your visitors will always be able to reach you easily, regardless of where you happen to be. You could, for example, rent out your apartment for the summer and only let the new tenants in after verifying their identity by name and with an ID card. Thanks to the video feed from the intercom displayed on your phone, you will be sure that nobody is trying to deceive you.

Customer Success Stories
Luxurious Villa Protected by 2N
The newly redeveloped house required a modern access system that would secure the entrances while acting as a luxurious component of the building as a whole.

„We responded to the owner’s requests and selected an access solution from 2N. This was especially due to the reliability of their products, elegant design of corresponding units and ease of installation. The result is a welcoming and intuitive user environment that matches the luxurious design of the villa.“
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