Cybersecurity in IP access control: 5 steps to protect your devices


 Petar Gazenov, 09. 02. 2022 | 4 min read

With the growing rate of connected device to the internet, there are more opportunities for hackers to steal your data and possibly take control of your device(s). Here at 2N, we have written these five easy and effective steps which you can do, to make sure your data remains secure, and your IP devices remain yours. Access based control is very important.

Cybersecurity in IP access control


No more default passwords

Using the default password out of simple convenience is a sin that we have all committed at one time or another. This mistake is easily resolved by changing the default password that the device or service came with. Doing this step is also important since most of the default passwords for devices connected to the internet can be found with a few web searches. In some countries, changing the default password is now required by law. As a result, our 2N devices will force you change the password as soon as you log into the device’s web GUI to configure it.

Avoid re-using passwords

With every device and service needing a password these days, re-using the same password for all your devices and services is a convenient solution. However, this leads to a problem where if this one password is discovered then all these devices and services can be accessed and compromised. Therefore, try to use different passwords, combining upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. And if you're worried about not remembering your passwords, there are many password managers available today. You don't have to remember any of these passwords while keeping your devices as secure as possible.

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Keep devices up to date

Updating softwareOne of the most common security issues currently present with internet connected devices is the out-of-date firmware and software. There are many system integrators in the field (and we hope you are not one of them) who say: "My customer doesn't require any new features, so why should I waste my time with updates?" 

Keeping a device up to date with the latest firmware and software is the easiest way to keep yourself safe from hackers and to mitigate possible cybersecurity risks. Updates help fix the security issues that can be exploited by hackers to gain unauthorized access. It costs nothing and with 2N devices the updates take only a few minutes.

Hide edge devices behind the firewall

When setting up an IP Intercom or IP reader, ensure that the device is not directly connected to the outside-facing internet, and that instead it is behind a firewall or router. Since these edge devices that can be discovered on the internet are easy targets for hackers, who will try use the intercom to make calls or watch video from its camera. Putting the IP edge devices on a network that is guarded by a firewall or router will better protect you.

Backup data

Backing up the configuration of your device(s) is also the easiest way to protect your data. In case there is a security incident, and a device must be factory reset, a backup will help prevent having to redo and re-enter all the important information/settings that were previously on the device. The 2N IP-based devices let you create a backup of the configuration via the web interface on a few clicks. So, after the factory reset, you can easily upload the backup and have all the previous settings as before.