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Upgrade Lift Safety With New 2N® LiftIP 2.0!

Make your lift smart using our newest device - an IP emergency dialler which uses VoIP technology to ensure faultless communication to guarantee total lift safety for passengers.

When people talk about industry hot topics such as “smart living” or “smart buildings”, they usually think of modern technologies, remote 24/7 monitoring, and unified applications to control door, lights, heating, and so on. But what’s often forgotten is lifts – which are far more than simply a means of moving people quickly and safely between floors.lift modernization

All smart building features connect in the lift. Lifts are an inherent part of security systems, and they are an integral part of the flow of people through the building. Because of this, you need to make sure they cooperate and integrate seamlessly with the rest of the smart building ecosystem. How? By offering future-proof lift devices that prioritise new technology.

In addition to keeping an eye on trends, there is another factual aspect to switching to modern IP technology - and that’s the termination of legacy PSTN lines and 2G & 3G mobile networks. We want to make sure you’re prepared for the switch to 4G by giving you a unique IP-based lift emergency communicator that uses VoIP technology to transmit calls from a lift cabin to the call centre/control room.

Introducing 2N® LiftIP 2.0

The newest version of our lift emergency communicator, 2N® LiftIP 2.0 is a truly future-proof device that ensures proper lift modernization as well as flawless lift safety. The IP technology it uses allows you to have the communicator under constant monitoring, manage and configure it remotely via the 2N® Elevator Center and power it via PoE.

What’s more, the option of automatic configuration in the form of predefined configuration templates also makes 2N® LiftIP 2.0 a truly plug-and-play solution!

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What else does it offer?

  • Alarm calls tied to video

If elevator passengers get trapped, the audio call from the 2N® LiftIP 2.0 dialler can be linked to the video feed from an IP camera in the lift – giving the dispatcher an immediate and comprehensive overview of the situation in the lift cabin and increasing lift safety.

  • High-quality audio

Something very important for lift safety is proper communication - and crackling during emergency calls can be a common problem. Thankfully, the VoIP technology in 2N® LiftIP 2.0 takes care of that by delivering crystal-clear sound instantly.

  • 24/7 monitoring of availability

The constant option of monitoring equals a truly safe lift! To get this, connect the 2N® LiftIP 2.0 to the 2N® Elevator Center and keep it under control 24/7. If the communicator malfunctions, you will be notified immediately via email or operational call.

  • Secure data protection and concrete network security

Of course, the 2N® LiftIP 2.0 complies with all the highest standards for personal data protection, product security and network infrastructure security.

  • Multiple variants

Different lifts have different requirements and that is why we offer the 2N® LiftIP 2.0 in several variants: flush mounted in the panel (with or without a button), hidden behind the panel, or placed on top of the car.

Other things to think about when improving lift safety

Do you have IP connectivity in the lift cabin?

This was a challenge for technicians for a long time – how can we get IP connectivity into the cabin? Not only for reliable emergency communication, but also for video surveillance, announcements, or access control systems. Today, if you choose the right smart device, IP connectivity and good lift safety is possible with just 2 conductors in the travelling cable.

Such a device is the 2N® LiftGate, a smart IoT gateway that is more than a GSM unit for lifts as it combines the functions of an LTE router, a backup power supply, a converter (2-wire to IP) and a switch with 2 PoE ports all in one unit. In addition, this gateway also solves the problems of 2G and 3G network shutdowns, unavailable PSTN lines and distorted DTMF signals, as it supports SIP protocol and offers VoIP calling.

How can you most effectively manage and control your lifts?

The 2N® Elevator Center – a cloud-based portal designed for real-time, remote monitoring of all 2N IP emergency lift communication devices – is the best product on the market if you want to improve efficiency and increase lift safety. It’s great if you have technicians and so on that need to keep informed about the status of the gateway’s registration with the VoIP provider, the quality of the mobile network connection, any connection failures to the cloud or a switch to backup power. 2N® Elevator Center puts all this in one place, and enables quick and efficient problem resolution, reducing downtime and improving the overall reliability of the elevators.

What’s more, you can keep all installed 2N IP devices for lift emergency communication under complete control and manage them in bulk. Upload a corporate/custom template, reboot the device, and upgrade to a specific firmware version – all in a few clicks. This also means that maintenance can be done efficiently and building managers can keep their lifts up to date with the latest technology and features, ensuring that their lifts remain at the forefront of modern lift solutions.

Meet lift technology & safety requirements head-on with the 2N® LiftIP 2.0

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