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New My2N Features Speed Up Access Management

More and more settings can be directly managed in My2N with no need to connect to the web interface of the intercoms or card readers. You can now create access groups and check access logs.

My2N is your reliable cloud platform designed to manage the door entry systems and the access control systems in apartment buildings. Apart from cloud calling and remote administration, most access control system requirements applicable in apartment buildings can be also set up in the My2N interface. What are the new features? My2N

Access Groups

You can now create an access group (door group) and assign it to users. For example, you simply create a basic group that includes both building entrances: the main and the rear entrance. In the second group, add the garage entrances for tenants who have a parking space in the building. Finally, the third group will offer access to the shared gym for tenants who pay for gym membership. Residents can be assigned to many groups, so you can mix and match the groups or just create a single one with all the doors. It’s up to you!

This way, you can quickly set up rights which let you fully control who has access to where.

Access Logs

Crucial to an access control system is the ability to look back at what happened after an incident.  Access logs can be found on the My2N platform in their own section and let you see who was in the area when something happened. Important tip: to see the access logs, you must enable logging on each device.

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What else do we have in store for you?

Soon, My2N will offer additional key features to the residential access control system.

  • Assigning access groups to entire apartments
  • Managing Bluetooth credentials over-the-air
  • Time-restricted guest access
  • Informative reporting
  • and much more.

Set up the access control system directly in My2N

Ask our sales reps how My2N can save up to 90% of an apartment building setup time.

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