Our license policy is simple to understand and explain. Most features are already included in intercoms by default. Want extra, more complex functions? Go for a Gold License.

Functions already included in intercoms

2N® IP StyleUpgrade the intercoms to 2N OS version 2.35 and some previously licensed features will now be included in the price of the device, increasing the value of our intercoms and the level of service that you´re able to deliver to your customers.

As cybersecurity is 2N’s number one priority, our intercoms and access units include enhanced security features (including 802.1x, SIPS, SRTP and silent alarms) by default.

Advanced audio functions (such as user sounds and audio tests) are also included in the price of our devices. In addition, our customers can enjoy free NFC support and HTTP API.

Licensed features

2N® IP StyleOur intercoms can do more than ring a bell and open the door! Sometimes customers want something a little extra: and this is where advanced settings come in.

  • Gold license –  Activate a Gold license and start creating complex scenarios using premium features including integrations, video streaming, lift control, and automated actions (order no. 9137909)
  • InformaCast – Allows the connection of the 2N IP intercoms as additional full-featured devices to the InformaCast paging system by SingleWire (order no. 9137910)
  • OnGuard plugin – License for the connection of 2N IP intercoms to the LenelS2 OnGuard server (order no. 9137917)
  • CCure plugin - License for the connection of 2N IP intercoms to the Tyco CCure 9000 server (order no. 9137918)
  • Plugin for Symmetry - License for the connection of 2N IP intercoms to the Symmetry Security Management System (order no. 9137919)

For a better overview, please see the table below for a list of all paid and unpaid intercom features:

Function For free License
Audio User sounds
Automatic audio test
Noise detection
Security HTTP API 
802.1x support
SIPS (TLS) support
SRTP support
Silent Alarm
Limit unsuccessful access attempts
Switch Blocking
Scrambled keypad
HTTP API support
NFC support
Video Audio/video streaming (RTSP Server)
External IP camera support
ONVIF support
PTZ function support
Motion detection support
(order no. 9137909)
Integration Extended switch setting options
Automation functions
E-mail sending 
(SMTP Client)
Automatic update (TFTP/HTTP Client)
FTP client
SNMP client
Genetec Synergis
(order no. 9137909)
Lift Control Gold
(order no. 9137909)
Paging and emergency communication 
through Cisco platform

(order no. 9137910)
Communication with 
C•CURE 9000 server

Plugin for CCURE 
(order no. 9137918)
Communication with 
OnGuard server (LenelS2)

Plugin for OnGuard
(order no. 9137917)
Communication with 
Symmetry server

Plugin for Symmetry
(order no. 9137919)
Other important information
That´s even simpler. You don’t need any license for 2N Access Unit M or for 2N Access Unit 2.0 - the entire feature set is enabled by default.
Try our 800-hour Gold License trial. To enable it, go to the System/License menu in the web interface of your intercom.

Want a license?

If you already have a project in mind where you want Gold Licence functions or you need our integration licenses (InformaCast, CCure, OnGuard), please contact your distributor to get the license key.

Get the license key