Mini electronic door strike with monitoring, series 5

Номер заказа: 11202104

This fully reversible, highly resistant electronic door strike for installation into door frames is one of the smallest strikes on the market with a width of just 16 mm, the perfect choice for narrow profiles, such as aluminum, wood or PVC. This strike unlocks when under power and includes a microswitch that monitors door status (open or closed). It thus fully replaces an additional magnetic contact installed on the door. Door status can be sent to the access control system via output terminals. This version is supplied with a long sheet metal cover plate (130 mm).

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Max. power input AC:
160 N
Max. power input DC:
12 V
Max. load against unauthorized penetration:
4,000 N
Operating temperature:
-15 °C to +40 °C
Adjustable catch:
yes (radial)
Electronic protection:
electromagnetic compatibility pursuant to 2004/108/CE (EN 55014)
Corrosion resistance pursuant to UNI ISO 9227
Monitoring parameters (with microswitch):
Power: 1 A/125 V AC or 0.5 A/30 V DC
Operating speed: 1 at 500 mm/second (at the pin)
Operating frequency: mechanical: 200 operations per minute
electric: 30 operations per minute
Contact resistance: 50 mΩ maximum
Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ minimum (@ 500 V DC)
Operating temperature: -25 °C to 65 °C (free of ice)
Relative humidity: max. 85% (5 °C to 35 °C)
Expected lifespan: mechanical: min. 300,000 operations
electric: min. 30,000 operations
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