2N OS update boasts multiple new IP door entry features

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The best 2N OS features


2N IP Style



2N OS 2.43 added more options in user access settings to complement time profiles. Users can now specify the number of accesses per credential, limit the validity period of credentials from the first access, and get automatic deletion of users from directories, too.

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ip door entry



Enhance user convenience and building safety by setting specific ringtones for each entrance on 2N OS-based indoor stations. When a visitor calls, the front door will play one ringtone, and the back entrance something different. This way, they’ll know exactly where their visitor is simply by hearing the ring!

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2N IP Style

Play videos on the 2N® IP Style


The 2N® IP Style video intercom features a 10’’ touchscreen: and thanks to the 2N OS, that screen can do some pretty special stuff! Most recently, it can play videos whilst in standby mode – adding to the existing capabilities of displaying images, business directories, messages to residents, and more!

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True IP intercom innovation: Adaptive Face Zooming


Any video door entry system needs a wide-angle camera, and both the 2N® IP Style and the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 have that – but often, users want a closer look at visitors' faces. So, we developed a solution!


Adaptive Face Zooming means the camera of the 2N® IP Style and 2N® IP Verso 2.0 can detect faces in the frame and adaptively zoom in on them. It adds security to IP access control systems and is seriously advanced stuff. But how does it work?

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2N IP intercoms support both ONVIF S and T profiles


Our IP intercoms can now work as an advanced part of any video surveillance solution: they now support a powerful combination of ONVIF Profile S and Profile T. Increase security, and get the most in-demand intercom features on the market.


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Enhance home security with DoorViewer


A great example of how the 2N OS gives something customers really want – the new DoorViewer feature was in much demand, and now it’s a reality!


DoorViewer enhances the security of residents’ homes and user experience at the same time by allowing the 2N® Indoor View indoor station to support the stream of 3rd party cameras to act as spyholes. So, once the doorbell button at the apartment door is pressed, a live video preview will show the person at the door.

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Download the latest versions of 2N OS

2N OS 2.43 
2N OS 2.43 
(Answering Units)
2N OS 2.43 
(IP Access Control)
2N OS 2.43 
(Elevator Systems)

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2N OS overview

Come here to check current and prospective features – it’ll be updated regularly!

Version of 2N OS Release date Features offered
2.43 April 2024 - Sending up to 9 HTTP commands from the 2N® Indoor View
- Enhanced visitor management features
- Dutch and Japanese languages added
- Hiding unreachable contacts from the 2N® IP Style’s display
2.42 December 2023 - Set custom indoor unit ringtones for users in the directory
- Manage the order of users in the directory of the 2N® IP Style
- Batch directory import and export
- Customer feedback form in web interface
- Face Zooming added to the 2N® IP Verso 2.0
2.41 September 2023 - Video support on the 2N® IP Style
- WaveKey added as an event in Automation 
- Hotel mode added to 2N® Indoor View 
2.40 July 2023 - DoorViewer feature on 2N® Indoor View
- 3rd party camera switching on 2N® Indoor View
- H.265 support on 2N® IP Style and 2N® IP Verso 2.0 for RTSP/ONVIF
- License Plates Recognition as part of Multiple authentication access method
2.39 April 2023 - Hints and tips sidebar on the configuration site
- Adaptive Face Zooming added to the 2N® IP Style
- Customizable content on 2N® IP Style displayed after successful authentication 
- 2N® IP Style now supports 2 columns of tiles on the front display
- Zipstream implementation

2N OS: Unlock the full potential of 2N IP access control systems

Discover our powerful operating system and everything it offers 2N IP access control systems

The 2N OS acts as the nerve centre for 2N devices, powering our IP intercoms, access control readers and most indoor stations with advanced features, such as Adaptive face zooming, mobile access powered by Wavekey, Automation, and more.

Update regularly to future-proof your projects and offer your customers security, comfort, and convenience without installing new tech!

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We release a new version of the 2N OS every 2-3 months, and each new update brings a host of great new features, security updates, and bug fixes for 2N devices.


To keep up to date, keep an eye on this page, our social media, as well as the 2N News section. We post about every new update (and what makes it great) on both platforms! To get the latest info directly in your inbox, subscribe to our monthly Newsletter.

Updates are great because you can offer new features without having to install new devices, and you can also charge a margin for that! Each update to the 2N OS brings something new that your customers will appreciate and that will keep your project totally future-proof.


What’s more, we recommend updating installed 2N devices regularly to make sure your IP access control system is up-to-date against new cyber-security threats. Security risks are something we always have in mind when updating our software, and each update will ensure your end users are as protected as possible.

There are four ways:

1. Connect your 2N device to the internet and update it directly within the 2N OS interface on the device. You can even set up an automatic update to get the new version as soon as it’s released. For more info, check out our manual

2. Download the new update on our website and upload it manually to devices via their web interface: see our manual for more information.

3. Want to update without leaving your office? Do it remotely via the My2N Management Platform!

4. For commercial projects that want super-speedy upgrades, do it in bulk via the 2N® Access Commander.

Yes! The 2N OS is a great configuration/management option for smaller installations in both residential and commercial projects. However, for those that need more efficient management, we have two more options: the 2N® Access Commander for commercial use cases, and the My2N Management Platform for residential projects.


Please note, no matter your project size, you can still use the 2N OS whenever you need to make whichever changes you need to individual device configuration.

Not very many. Of course, any analogue device we sell does not include the 2N OS.


All our IP intercoms and access control readers, however, come with it, as do nearly all our indoor stations – apart from the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0. The reason the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 doesn’t support the 2N OS is that it operates on Android and as such offers wide integration possibilities with home automation platforms.


Otherwise, both the 2N® IP Handset and the 2N® IP Phone D7A do not support the 2N OS.