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2N Indoor Stations Given a New Feature to Enhance Apartment Security

Find out about the DoorViewer feature and which 2N indoor station we’ve added it to via the 2N OS 2.40 update - and discover other great features

Discover another great update for the 2N OS. The last update brought great new features to video intercoms and version 2.40 upgrades mainly indoor stations! So, what’s new?

The new DoorViewer feature

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Customers spoke, we listened, and now there’s even more integration power in the 2N® Indoor View indoor stations. This new feature will enhance the security of residents’ homes and user experience at the same time – by supporting the stream of 3rd party cameras to act as spyholes.

This means that once the doorbell button at the apartment door is pressed, a live video preview will show the person at the door.

How to set it up? You need a doorbell button at the apartment door connected to the input of the 2N® Indoor View. Secondly, there needs to be an IP camera overlooking the area in front of the apartment door. Set this feature up directly in the 2N OS interface, via the Digital Inputs > Security > Doorbell Button

Switch between up to 16 third-party cameras in-call on 2N® Indoor View

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Thanks to the 2N OS 2.40, residents will have a complete overview of their homes whilst talking to a visitor. How?

They’ll have had the option to connect external cameras to the IP intercom and check the stream from them during calls for some time. With the new version of the 2N OS 2.40, however, you no longer need to connect the external camera to the intercom: it just needs to be in the same network as 2N® Indoor View indoor station and paired with it in its web interface! This means that users can switch seamlessly between associated cameras whilst in-call (or even in a live preview of the call). What’s more, you can also define the order of associated cameras.

This feature offers the option to stream the camera feed from any device added to the phonebook of the 2N® Indoor View! You can also pair a camera with non-video devices (including non-video 2N intercoms, other answering units, 3rd party devices, or IP phones), turning audio-only devices into video devices and allowing the user to oversee even more areas from their 2N® Indoor View.

Combine LPR with another access technology

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The next new feature will improve your project by no end – we’ve added multiple authentication to license plate reading. Our new authentication mode ‘LPR Multifactor’ lets you combine licence plate reading with another access technology. The most seamless user experience is when you combine LPR with Bluetooth access, as these two methods combined provide highly secure dual authentication with no physical interaction of the user with any device.

How does it work? It’s an LPR solution - so you of course need to connect an IP camera (capable of reading licence plates) to the Bluetooth reader (standalone or as a part of the IP intercom). As the user approaches the barrier/garage, the camera will read the licence plate and then the system will also send a WaveKey authentication to the user of the licence plate.

The barrier/garage door will only open for users with a valid licence plate and the correct corresponding authorised mobile credential. This significantly increases the security of LPR authentication and makes it secure enough for projects where the standard LPR is just not enough.

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What else is new for the 2N OS Platform?

Want faster streaming? Good news – there are now lower bandwidth and storage requirements for RTSP/ONVIF thanks to us adding support for H.265 video compression standard for the 2N® IP Style.

Thinking of applying the 2N® PICard solution to your existing installation? You should! It’s a unique encryption solution for RFID cards that’s based on secure MIFARE® DESFire® technology. It gives multi-level security, and flexibility for integrators and facility managers, and offers a capable yet user-friendly experience. Enhancing security buildings using 2N® PICard is always a good choice - but are your readers compatible with the encrypted cards? Well, you could check the ordering number and compare it with the table in the 2N® PICard leaflet – but there is an easier way! Update to 2N OS 2.40 and check the web interface (Services- > Access Control > PICard) You’ll see a new 2N® PICard non-compatibility message on readers that are incompatible with this solution.

Want to get your hands on all these features?

They’ll upgrade any project and our team are ready and willing to talk you through them. Make sure to check out the release notes for more info, too.

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