Access Control 3.0

Door access control systems are evolving: are you keeping up?

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What is Access Control 3.0 - and why should you care?

Access 3.0 represents a significant, fundamental shift in technology.

The humble lock and key era became obsolete in the 1980s with the invention of RFID and chips, and soon, that technology will be a relic of the past, too.

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The 7 pillars of Access Control 3.0

What should you demand from your access control system?

ip intercom

1. IP technology


IP technology is the cornerstone of Access Control 3.0 – you cannot have a future-standard door access control system without IP technology. But – as with any technological leap - it can seem intimidating at first to navigate the vast range of technology out there and understand why it’s beneficial. Sometimes, installers forget that IP is accessible to even tricky retrofit projects… Analogue devices are fast becoming obsolete and for good reason. But which devices should you choose, and why do you need it?


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2. mobile access control


Speaking of obsolete, do you remember the last time you took your credit card out? No, us neither. In the future, keys will head the same way! But it’s not just about the distant future. Phones are an indispensable part of our daily lives today, so find out why residents are demanding mobile access and how to implement it!


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3. Multi-user technology


Something any technological leap prioritises: convenience. No residential development can only offer mobile access  – since not everyone entering the building lives there. So, what’s the Access Control 3.0 solution to this dilemma? Ensure that intercoms and access devices have multi-user technology with a variety of access options. But which devices and technologies should you use, and in which other ways can access control offer residents convenience?


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4. Remote management


Another way the standards of Access Control 3.0 improve your life: by allowing for remote site management and configuration. We all know that remote working is not only the new standard for companies but has made work more cost-effective and efficient. Find out what to look out for when choosing a provider.



5. Cybersecurity


If technological advancement is not done properly, it may increase security risks.  But how does choosing the right access control provider ensure that your door access control system outmatches the risk? And what do they do to achieve that goal?


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6. Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)


Access control companies are not immune to consumer expectations of environmental responsibility: climate change and waste reduction are two crucial parts of the current conversation. Access Control 3.0 standards demand attention be paid to ESG – despite the access industry’s tendency to leave it as an afterthought. So, what can access control companies do to be more environmentally conscious and what should you look out for?



7. Privacy and the protection of personal data


Finally - access Control 3.0 demands that we pay attention to the security of users – including their personal data. After all, we’re dealing with people’s most private areas: their homes! Discover how being selective in your choice of access control provider can give your residents peace of mind at home and allow you to complete your journey into the future of Access Control 3.0!


Demand the future with 2N

Unleash the power of 2N IP Door Access Control Systems

  • Access Control 3.0

    Our IP intercoms, access readers and answering units are flexible, convenient, and advanced. The 2N® IP Verso is a beautiful example of this – a fully modular device totally in line with Access Control 3.0 standards.
  • Access Control 3.0
    Open protocols

    Integration and convenience are 2 key parts of Access Control 3.0. If you need to integrate with other systems, choose IP devices based on open protocols. We also have 300+ technology partners.
  • Access Control 3.0
    Advanced features

    Mobile access control, HD cameras, QR codes, Bi-Directional video – you name it, 2N have got it. Unleash the true power of IP and Access Control 3.0 by using premium devices such as the 2N® IP Style.
  • Access Control 3.0
    Easier management

    Tools like the My2N Management Platform make site management and admin a breeze: which is good because remote work is a key requirement of Access Control 3.0!
  • Access Control 3.0
    For retrofit and newbuild

    No matter the project, 2N’s Residential solutions can work for you. Find out how you can give your residents Access Control 3.0 technology in all buildings by downloading the eBook!

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