Which regions does the program operate in?

This program is only valid in the EMEA region. It’s not available in the US or APAC.

Which languages are the 2N Academy courses available in?

Check the available courses in a range of languages here:

2N Academy courses, Basic and Advanced, are available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian 
  • German
  • Czech

What is the difference between a “2N Academy Certification” and a “2N CIP Certification”?

The 2N Academy certifications are accreditations given to individuals after passing the 2N Academy courses.

The 2N CIP Certifications, however, are accreditations given to companies.  2N CIP certifications are only given to installation companies or system integrators. 


What does “Share 2N leads” mean?

2N is constantly generating leads in different markets thanks to marketing. When these leads are end users or developers asking for 2N products, when possible, we forward them to CIP partners in the corresponding countries. CIP Elite-level partners have preference.

How 2N supports CIP members on registered projects?

2N supports distributors with project registrations discount depending on the CIP partner level ( Certified or Elite).
Actual purchase price will be determined by your distributor.

To benefit for this special project support, the following 2 conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The project is registered in 2N CRM (Sales Force).
  • The project has a minimum value of 15.000 € (counted in 2N MSRP prices)

Contact your sales representative for more details about this benefit.

What is a “Special project feature development”?

2N is open to adding customization to products (e.g., color finishes) and will even consider developing customized technical features. Internal approval will be required to make sure that 2N can comply with the project requirements (technical features, price, lead time, etc.)

What does “Use of 2N HQ for end customer visiting” mean?

When CIP Elite members have a relevant project with a developer or big end-user, 2N will help to host both the CIP member(s) and developer/end-user at our facilities in Prague. The intention is to give them full support in the project and to strengthen the relationship with them. 


What does “Access to technical support portal” mean?

This is valid for CIP Certified and CIP Elite. The CIP partners do have access to the 2N technical support portal where they can create, manage, and overview technical cases. Currently, only distributors have access to this.

What does “Access to 2nd level technical support phone” mean?

This is only valid for CIP Elite-level members and means that the CIP partners do have access to 2N 2nd-level phone support in HQ by calling our technical department and entering a PIN code. The telephone number is +420 228 880 574*. The pin code will be provided by 2N upon completing the CIP Elite certification.

What is the response time when we state: “Priority on technical support”?

CIP Certified and Elite have priority in response times from the technical department: Elite within 3 hours and Certified within 6 hours. This refers to the first answer after a query is sent, however, the final resolution of the problem may take longer. This also refers to a timeframe within working hours.

Can CIP Elite partners “Test 2N products before release”?

When possible, CIP Elite partners will be invited to test 2N products and beta versions before release. This will enable them to participate in the product’s development and engage with the product’s features. The delivery of these products for testing will be done via our distributors.

Will CIP Elite partners be informed about new 2N product roadmaps?

This is what we mean by “2N Product roadmap briefing”. We are committed to informing Elite partners about all new products that 2N plans to launch. Any material shared will be confidential.


Are the CIP members displayed on the 2N website?

CIP Certified and CIP Elite are listed on the 2N website as official partners of 2N. CIP Elite members will have priority.

Is there any “Official partner CIP certificate” for CIP members?

Once a CIP partner gets certified, 2N will award the company with an official CIP certificate. The CIP Elite partner will then receive a printed, framed certificate, while CIP Certified partners will receive a digital certificate via email.  

Does 2N support CIP members with “Co-marketing actions”?

2N is open to contributing to marketing activities - for CIP Elite partners only. Everything will be subject to approval by 2N Channel Marketing. 

What does “Promotion on social media” mean?

We offer CIP Elite members the promotion of our partnership on social media by sharing case studies, training, event attendance, and so on.


Does 2N train CIP partners on site?

CIP Certified and Elite partners can benefit from full, dedicated, onsite training – which can be on their premises or somewhere else, if the minimum participants quota is met.

Can 2N organize “Tailor-made training” for CIP Elite partners?

CIP Elite partners benefit from customized training focused on any topic or need they have - for instance, a particular integration.


To appoint a partner as a CIP Certified member, how many of its installers need to obtain the 2N Academy BASIC certificate? 

For a company to be CIP Certified we request that at least 2 of their technicians hold the 2N Academy Basic Certificate. This refers to the certificate given by 2N Academy after completing the BASIC courses and passing the corresponding test. 

To appoint a partner as a CIP Elite member, how many of its installers need to obtain the 2N Academy ADVANCED certificate? 

For a company to be CIP Elite we request that at least 4 of their technicians hold the 2N Academy Advanced Certificate. This refers to the certificate given by 2N Academy after completing the ADVANCED courses and passing the corresponding test. 

How many project registrations does 2N expect from Certified and Elite partners?

We expect CIP Certified partners to register a minimum of 5 projects per year. 

For CIP Elite partners, we request they register projects/opportunities for a total minimum value of 150k EUR (MSRP price) per year.

How much minimum revenue does 2N expect from Elite partners?

For the Elite partners, there are 2 levels of yearly minimum revenue to reach based on the country. Please contact your sales representative who will give you the target for your market.

Why do CIP partners need to “Re-certify”?

This requirement applies to both CIP Certified and CIP Elite level partners. This requirement aims to make sure that CIP partners are kept up to date in terms of products, solutions, tools, integrations, market approaches, etc. The first CIP certification is valid for 2 years. After that, new recertifications are required every year. The recertification consists of passing a test at 2N Academy. 

What does it mean when we say the CIP partner must: “Be able to provide onsite support”?

This only applies to CIP Elite partners. The CIP Elite partners may be requested to provide onsite support for a particular installation. 

Why do we encourage partners to “Keep a 2N Demo product set for training/showrooms”?

This applies to both CIP Certified and Elite partners. The reason is that for our CIP partners to be experts in our products, they need to have hands-on and up-to-date experience with them. This demo set will also serve for demonstrations to potential customers and for use in technical training.

What is the extent of the “Annual business plan follow-up with the local 2N team”?

This only applies to CIP Elite partners. The purpose of this requirement is to have, at least once a year, a follow-up meeting with the CIP partner to talk about the program, better understand its business, and improve our partnership with them. We also look forward to getting their feedback on the program, and the meeting is a great opportunity to endorse them and recognize their special status. 

What does “Participation in 2N Insiders” involve?

This applies to CIP Elite-level partners. We require CIP Elite members to be part of the 2N Insiders: a market research group that involves 2N occasionally sending targeted surveys asking for feedback on new products or services (features, prices, etc.)  We will also invite CIP-certified partners to be part of the group.

Why do we ask CIP partners to have “Capacity to conduct training”?

This applies to CIP Elite-level partners only. In some cases, there may be the need to train end users, facility managers, or a maintenance company in the use of 2N systems.