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Add Quick & Reliable One-Off Access to Your IP Door Entry

The new 2N® Access Unit QR improves both guest and admin convenience in IP door entry solutions

ip door entryPicture this – you’re visiting a large office building or apartment complex, and there’s no answer after ringing the front desk intercom.

Once you get through, the receptionist lets you in, and you are told to come to the front desk on the second floor, but you’re not sure where the lift is… And then, once you finally reach the desk you need, you wait for another ten minutes whilst the receptionist assigns you temporary visitor credentials.

Sounds frustrating but it happens every day. What’s the solution? QR codes.

Introducing 2N® Access Unit QR: Quick & Reliable One-Off Access 

This new QR code access control reader is key to unlocking a frictionless guest experience and should be part of any modern building using an IP door entry system.

  •  Modern Convenience

The average end-user today is a mobile-first consumer. QR code access builds on this demand for convenience – making it essential for any project prioritizing modern IP door entry.

  • Complete Flexibility

Make this access control reader an entirely flexible unit by adding another access technology for permanent personnel/residents (e.g. Bluetooth & RFID). 

  • Speedy Admin with Reduced Overheads

Generate, distribute, update, and/or revoke QR credentials in a matter of seconds using 2N® Access Commander. Receptionists/property managers can also distribute in bulk to multiple users via email. 

  • More Sustainable, Free Credentials

Reduce plastic waste and your spending: QR codes are free and eliminate the costs associated with the purchase of physical credentials, their handling, issuing, and eventual disposal. 

  • Enhanced IP door entry security

QR codes are far more secure than PIN codes – as they’re at no risk of being overheard. Plus, you can supplement 2N® Access Commander access logs with high-quality screenshots made by the Full HD camera of the 2N® Access Unit QR.

  • Integrate it Easily

Integrate the reader into your VMS and use it as a full-featured camera for maximum site security!  Plus, you can integrate it into third-party software for QR code generation and distribution should you need to. 

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How does QR code access work?

  1. QR codes are generated directly in the 2N® Access Unit QR or in the 2N® Access Commander – where users also set the access rules (validity – usually one-off but can be longer if required, access zones, etc.) 
  2. The QR code (or multiple codes in bulk) is sent in advance by the receptionist to visitor’s phones via email
  3. The email can also include instructions needed for entry and building navigation: no more wandering around aimlessly looking for the correct entrance!
  4. Once the guest arrives, they present their phone to the 2N® Access Unit QR
  5. Access is granted instantly!

 Technical Info

Order Numbers:

  • EMEA: 916201

Only available in nickel (silver) version:

  • Frame for surface installation - 2 modules 9155022 
  • Frame for flush installation - 2 modules 9155012 
  • Box for flush installation - 2 modules 9155015 

All 2N® IP Verso / 2N® IP Verso 2.0 modules are compatible with the 2N® Access Unit QR

Modernize your IP Door Entry with QR Code Access

 Chat with our team about the 2N® Access Unit QR and add one to your project! It unlocks true modern convenience for guests and building managers alike.

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