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Enhance a 2N apartment intercom system with KONE!

Offer advanced security and a seamless flow of residents with this cloud-to-cloud integration of a 2N apartment intercom system with the KONE elevator system. 

integrationWe’re proud to announce that KONE is an official 2N Technology Partner

Through more effective People Flow®, KONE makes people’s journeys safe, convenient and reliable, in taller, smarter buildings. Together with partners and customers around the world, KONE helps cities to become more sustainable and better places to live in.

Integrating a 2N apartment intercom system with KONE is key to elevator modernization. It will not only minimize waiting time for the elevator but also increase the efficiency and convenience of building access and enhance security to protect residents and visitors.

How will residents use this?

  • The resident authorises themselves at the 2N IP intercom when entering the building – either by using the My2N app with mobile credentials or by using their RFID card or a PIN code. 
  • Thanks to this integration, this process will not only open the door but will also automatically call the KONE elevator to the ground floor and send it to the floor where the resident lives. 

How will visitors use this?

  • Through the same My2N app, residents will also be able to manage visitor access to the elevator. 
  • When a visitor calls the resident using the 2N IP intercom, the resident will greet the visitor and open the door remotely from the My2N app. 
  • This will call the elevator to the ground floor and, depending on the settings, the resident’s floor is automatically preset. 
  • Please note that this feature will be available in Q3, 2024 and will initially work only for the My2N app (not for 2N indoor stations).

Key Benefits

  • Properties with a signed KONE contract can ensure the smooth flow of people from the front door, into the elevator and up to the apartment
  • The KONE elevator is automatically called to the ground floor (landing call) after successful resident authorization at the entrance door
  • The designated floor is automatically preset according to the users’ apartment location (destination call) improving security 
  • Offers the ability to integrate elevators with advanced apartment intercom systems (IP intercoms, access control readers, indoor station) to make residents' lives even more convenient and secure
  • Future benefits include one unified My2N app can be used for the resident's access to the building, as well as for their ability to manage visitor’s access to the elevator (Q3, 2024)

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How does it work?

At the beginning, it is necessary to check whether the particular KONE elevator can be integrated via API.

After that, the admin must “connect” KONE’s unique elevator ID with a particular My2N Site (they have to set up which elevator belongs to a building).

  1. The resident uses their access credentials at the IP intercom installed at the front door
  2. If authorisation is successful, the 2N IP intercom sends the resident's information to the My2N cloud
  3. The My2N cloud knows the resident as well as their apartment and floor number and sends this information via API to the KONE cloud
  4. Next, the KONE cloud will forward this information to the specific elevator controller that controls the elevator
  5. Then, the elevator automatically goes down to the ground floor, opens the door, waits for 20 seconds (for example) and then goes up to the floor where the resident lives

Software & Licenses Needed

  • 2N OS: version 2.41 and higher
  • No licenses needed for 2N devices
  • Active elevator maintenance contract with KONE
  • 2N Mobile Video license used for the My2N app

Compatible 2N products

 2N IP Style, 2N IP Verso 2.0, 2N IP Verso, 2N LTE Verso, 2N IP Force, 2N Access Unit 2.0, 2N Access Unit M, My2N app 

Want a truly convenient apartment intercom system?

 Integrate 2N devices with KONE elevators via the My2N portal. It’s simple, efficient, and enhances resident comfort and safety. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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