Magnetic strip P300RP

Номер заказа: 11202501

This short magnetic side strip with a single magnet is a reliable and elegant solution for not only commercial, but also apartment buildings. When permanently connected to power, the magnets hold together firmly and the door cannot be opened. In case of a power outage, for example, on an impulse from a 2N IP intercom or reader, the magnets disconnect, and the door can be opened. The strip can fully replace a mortise lock and door handle or be combined with an electronic strike. It is suitable for wooden, metal as well as glass doors.

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Technical parameters:
12 V DC
Lock consumption:
550 mA
Holding force:
3000 N (1x 300 kg)
Number of magnets:
1 (installed on the door frame)
400 x 105 x 63 mm
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