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Work-Life Balance

There’s more to life than work

We actively support balance between work and private life. We take care of our employees’ children and we have facilities for sportsmen. Whenever possible, we allow flexible working hours and various forms of cooperation. We let our employees do the work their way, what is important for us is the result.



We cherish company’s successes together.

Outdoor meetings

We regularly go have fun outside our workplace.


We compete in various sports and activities.

2N Band

We have our own band to entertain us at 2N parties and celebrations.

Christmas parties

We celebrate our whole year’s work at Christmas party.

Charity events

We support a variety of charity events, not only financially, but with our personal participation.
What Our People Say
Marek Rubáš
R&D Manager
"What I like about 2N is having a great deal of freedom and plenty of opportunities to realize my own ideas. Top management determines the general direction, but the rest is up to the staff, their initiative and enthusiasm to get something done. Over the past 13 years I can’t seem to recall having been, not even once, obstructed by any significant procedural restriction. I believe that this unique environment and ability to attract people who don’t get stuck in a rut is what makes 2N exceptional."
What Our People Say
Klára Zajíčková
UX Department Manager
„2N has really specific - very open - company culture. Each opinion counts and no one feels limited in his/her work by the corporate hierarchy. In addition, as a woman working in a technology company I have to say that the approach of my male colleagues is also amazingly friendly and that they encourage us in our work and development. I am workin in the company for almost 6 years and I still have new challenges ahead of me, but at the same time I feel the stability of the company.“
What Our People Say
Marek Dubnický
Purchasing Officer
„Life at 2N means for me personally facing career challenges, gaining experience and confidence. It’s a great feeling to arrive every morning among colleagues and friends, to a place where I feel good. All the more reason to enjoy the time we spent together outside the office, like outdoor trips and crazy parties.“
What Our People Say
Jiří Tuháček
SW Developer
„As I have small children, some still of preschool age, it´s great to have childminding available when needed. I simply také my kids to work with me in the morning and they are taken care of in our childcare, located in the same building I work in. This is a very practical benefit for me, and the children have come to love it here.“
What Our People Say
Jaroslav Pipek
Technical Support Specialist
„I’m glad that our company takes part also in projects supporting social causes such as its support for the non-profit organization Asistence o.p.s. which focuses on breaking down internal and external barriers in the lives of people with disabilities. For me, as a technical specialist, this is a unique opportunity to get to know and personally support completely different social sphere.“
What Our People Say
Olga Hořejšová
Head of Customer Care
"I had an opportunity to try several different positions in 2N over the years and I gradually worked my way up to the middle management position. I like that 2N helped me to return to work smoothly after my maternity leave and that I can work at the management position even though I work part-time. I also appreciate the open and friendly atmosphere in 2N and good relationship with my superior."

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