2N Certified Installer Program

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What is the Certified Installer Program?

The “Certified Installer Program” (CIP) is designed to officially certify installers and system integrators in the efficient installation and configuration of 2N products – and allow them to build their sales network in the process. Installers who undergo the training will become Certified Installer Program Partners and enter a mutually beneficial partnership with an access industry leader.

This program is only for EMEA partners.

What are the benefits of becoming a 2N CIP Partner?

Put simply - you’ll stand out from your competition and be a part of a prestigious global network of highly skilled 2N installers equipped with expert knowledge and confidence. You’ll also enjoy a host of sales, marketing and technical benefits listed below.

The future of the access industry is IP technology: in connectivity, cloud services, and faster integration. 2N is a global leader in the field of door entry system and access control. So, take advantage of this opportunity and evolve your business!

  • Get leads from 2N
  • Get direct and prioritized technical support
  • Be listed as a 2N Certified Partner on our website
  • Get discounts on demo kits
  • And much more!

What does it involve?

Companies who meet the requirements listed below and complete our training will be officially appointed by 2N as “Certified Installer Program” (CIP) Partners. There are 2 levels of partnership: Certified and Certified Elite. Each of them has different benefits and requirements, which will be based on the business volume developed with 2N.

2N Certified Installer Program2N Elite Certified Installer

Our products are always developing – which is why recertification will be required every 2 years to ensure our installers‘ knowledge is as up-to-date as possible and ensure total customer satisfaction.


Sales benefits

Not Certified

Certified 2N

Certified 2N Elite

Registered project support

Share 2N leads

Dedicated account manager

Special project feature development

Delivery time priority

First-hand information of stock & lead-times

Use of 2N HQ for end customer visits

Technical benefits

Not Certified

Certified 2N

Certified 2N Elite

Direct technical support

Technical support priority

Test products before their release

2N product roadmap briefing

Demo product discount

Marketing benefits

Not Certified

Certified 2N

Certified 2N Elite

Printed catalogues & brochures

Access to the 2N media library

Be listed on the 2N website

Invites to 2N exhibitions

Official 2N badge of certification for your website

Co-marketing actions

Roll-up for the installer's office

Promotion on 2N social media

Invitations to premium 2N events

Use of our stand for meetings at 2N events

Case studies publication

Official partner certificate

Training benefits

Not Certified

Certified 2N

Certified 2N Elite

2N Academy online training

2N Sales training

Premium Onsite Training

Tailor-made training


Installer requirements

Certified 2N

Certified 2N Elite

Register Online

Subscribe to the 2N newsletter

Be able to provide technical support

Complete 2N Academy BASIC training courses (free)

Complete 2N Academy ADVANCED training courses (free)

Complete a sales training course (free)

Complete a 2N Hands-On training course

Be able to provide onsite support

Meet the required annual quota for project registrations

Re-certify every 2 years

Keep a 2N Demo kit in training/showrooms

Provide an annual business plan

Participation in 2N market research projects

Provide 2N with a marketing contact

Capacity to conduct training

Are you ready to grow your business with 2N?

Become a 2N Certified Installer!

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List of Partners

West Europe


Certifications: 2N Elite
Address: 10 Rue des Dames, Atelier 8 – Village d’entreprises, 62620 RUITZ
Phone: 09 71 00 05 28
Email: contact@kiecenord.fr



Certifications: 2N Elite
Address: 11 rue Marsollier, 75002 Paris
Phone: +33 (0) 1 86 64 64 64
Email: hello@bouchecousue.com



Certifications: 2N Elite
Address: 10 route de Nanfray – Cran-Gevrier – 74960 Annecy
Phone: +33 (0) 4 80 48 04 40
Email: contact@helink.fr



Certifications: 2N Elite
Address: 45 bis rue de Lagny - 94300 Vincennes
Phone: +33 (0)1 43 28 56 14
Email: paris@henri.fr



Certifications: 2N Elite
Address: 645 rue Mayor de Montricher, ZI TECH’INDUS Bat A22, 13854 AIX EN PROVENCE Cedex 3
Phone: +33 (0)4 42 39 10 30
Email: commercial@tethys-france.com



Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: 32 rue Gustave Eiffel – 74600 Seynod
Phone: +33 (0) 4 50 27 37 33



Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: 8 Av. de la Gare, 34320 Neffiès
Phone: +33 (0) 680 20 64 80
Email: info@dmoti.com



Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: 125 rue de Bellevue, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
Phone: +33(1)
Email: multiaxe@multiaxe.fr



Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: 40 rue Jean Monnet, Bâtiment 3, 68200 MULHOUSE
Phone: 0389386111
Email: isiris@isiris.fr



Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: 32 chemin du dessous du rocher, 91120 Palaiseau
Phone: 0967329167
Email: contact@domopad.com


Six Technologies

Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: 229 Rue de Solférino 59000 Lille + 7 Rue Jean Calvin 80000 Amiens
Phone: 03 74 09 89 15
Email: contact@six-technologies.fr


Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: 1 rue de la Lujerneta 98000 Monaco
Email: jerome@domonaco.mc

Aldous Systems (Europe) Ltd

Certifications: 2N Elite
Address: 21 Stocklake, Aylesbury HP20 1DQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1296 719582
Email: Sales@Aldoussystems.co.uk


iQual Limited

Certifications: 2N Elite
Address: Maidstone Studios Vinters Business Park - New Cut Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5NZ
Phone: 0344 770 4206
Email: info@iqual.co.uk


Securewais UK Ltd

Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: Group House, 703 High Rd, London N12 0BT, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 208 446 9041
Email: enquiries@securewais.com


Encore Home Technology

Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: 28 Hatherley Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 2TT
Phone: 01242323544
Email: info@encore-ht.co.uk

J Crook Electrical Services Ltd

Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: 8 Belmont Close, London, E4 9UL
Phone: 07778526555 / 02085310297
Email: info@jcrookelectrical.services

Central Europe

Computer & Co.

Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße 66, Freiberg, 09599 - Germany
Phone:  +49 3731 201165
Email: mail@computer-und-co.de

South Europe


Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: C/ Doctor Ramón Castroviejo, 5 local – 28029 (Madrid)
Phone: 913164677
Email: andetel@andetel.com



Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: C/ SEPULVEDA, 111 – LOCAL – 28011 - MADRID
Phone: 689 77 77 30  - 91 789 61 01
Email: ndseguridad@ndseguridad.com


Antenas Levante

Certifications: 2N Certified
Address: Alcalde Albors, 20 CP:46018 Valencia, Spain
Phone: +3496 385 81 19
Email: info@antenaslevantevalencia.es

Frequently asked questions

To advance your business and make more money! IP is the future of the access industry, and it makes sense to be officially trained and certified by leaders and innovators in the field. What’s more, this gives you an edge over your competition – when people want to install 2N products, they will always prefer someone who has been officially certified by us over someone who hasn’t. At the end of the day, everyone in the sales chain benefits from the proper installation of our products – from the installers and integrators to property managers and of course – the end users.

Prior to certification, we require that you already have experience with IP technology and in commercial and/or residential access control projects. Once you’re qualified, we expect that you will be both proactive in promoting 2N as well as committed to the company. We also require that you have the flexibility and are available to assist with projects when needed. We also require you to attend training or online webinars, that you are certified in the 2N Academy, that you have a minimum of 2 people per region and that you will renew your certification every 2 years to ensure you’re up to date with all information!


For full details of all the requirements before you begin the process, please see the table above.

Once you’ve applied and met the requirements, you’ll undergo the training and certification programme. Once you’re certified, you’ll get a 2N Certified Installer badge on our webpage and location map, and begin to generate more business and access to 2N leads! You’ll have direct communication and close follow-up from a dedicated Account Manager, BDM, and Technical Support. You’ll also need to recertify every 2 years to retain your official CIP partner status.

To become a 2N CIP partner, please use the form above to contact a sales specialist.

Elite-level partners will receive all available sales, marketing and technical benefits (please see the table above for further reference), as well as tailor-made and onsite training. The expected minimum sales volume for Elite-level partners is higher, please see the question below for more information.

The minimum business volume required by us to become an Elite-level partner is 30,000 EUR per annum.

This site is not available in the chosen region. You will be redirected to a higher-level site.

This site is not available in the chosen region. You will be redirected to a higher-level site.