Read on and find out what you can expect if you join our development department.


  • You’ll have the product on the table in front of you

    We create our own HW and SW, so you know precisely what you’re coding and which product you’re coding it for. We were the first in the world to come up with an IP intercom and a 4G/LTE intercom. What other world firsts will you help us achieve?
  • You create our own OS

    Our products run on our very own OS. Help us improve it every day. We even help development the platform used by our parent company Axis – the manufacturer of the best IP cameras in the world.
  • You won’t be working as a tester

    You’ll be doing the job we pay you for. You won’t become a part-time tester. After a basic check, you’ll pass on your work to the test team.
  • You’ll develop your work

    No anonymous projects where you write a bit of code and don’t really know whether it will be of any use. You’ll follow on from your previous work, build on it and improve it.
  • You’ll be working among other people

    Have you been stuck at home all week? We actually go to the office here. We’ve discovered that cooperation with developers, testers and product managers is better when discussed in person.
  • You’ll be the best with us

    We started out in a garage in the nineties. By the end of 2023 we will be over 500, selling all over the world and setting trends in our industry. By 2025, we want to be the number one intercom company. And we're going to do it.

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Embedded software

We develop embedded software, which runs on dozens of various devices – intercoms, indoor stations, card and fingerprint readers. Petr can tell you more about the diversity of work on software design at 2N, he’s been involved with development of IP intercoms from the very start. They went on sale in 2008.

Software for bulk administration

Access commander was originally intended to give customers mass control of our intercoms in one installation or project. Nowadays, it handles complete security control of entire buildings. What must the system be able to manage, and what challenges lie ahead? We can find out from Martin, who is in charge of the whole system at 2N.

Cloud service 

The biggest team we have in development takes care of My2N - our cloud service. This was developed to allow customers to place calls from our intercoms to their phones, anywhere in the world. Honza will tell you more about this service, he’s involved in the application development.


At 2N we develop hardware in its entirety. From layout design, through circuit board design, preparing and testing the prototype, right to the final product. Honza will tell you more about what makes hardware development interesting.

Mechanics and Construction

When we started with intercoms, we got more into product design. A mechanics and construction department was formed to take care of casings, wall mounts and other mechanical aspects of our products. This department also tests our products, to see what they can stand, e.g. water-resistance, impact resistance, or heat/climatic stress. Honza and Štěpán will show you more in the video.


All 2N products go through our testing department, from elevator devices, through intercoms and indoor stations, to access commander and cloud services. We test software, hardware, its features and firmware. The devices also undergo stress tests and repeated restarts. Their reaction in normal operation is also observed. Vašek will tell you more about what our testers do.


Making sure 2N products are a pleasure to use is the responsibility of our UX and UI teams. They take part in the initial design work, and later test and evaluate products with the users. Klára can tell you about the value/importance of this work, she put the first UX team together.

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