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Answering units

Rely on the high standard of European products. We have the right indoor intercom for every type of project.
Award-winning design
Red Dot and iF Design awards set a high bar in terms of design.
Choose your OS
Units with the 2N OS won’t let you down. For advanced integrations, choose Android.
Prevent cyberattacks and give preference to European products.
Go for IP
It offers easy connection, power over ethernet and WiFi connectivity.
In-wall, on-wall or on a table
You’ll always find the type of product installation you need for your project.
Retrofit ready
No wiring? Make free calls over the internet and discover the other benefits of My2N cloud.


There’s nothing more compatible than products by one manufacturer. Take a good look at our whole portfolio of intercoms, secure the door with a reader and find out why you should connect products to My2N cloud.


Yes, simply connect all the units to the internet (e.g., via a household router) and register them on our uniform My2N platform. Then set up calls in My2N directly and that’s it. Everything’s completely free of charge.

The 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 won the Red Dot award and the 2N® Indoor Talk won the iF Design award. The 2N® Indoor Compact and 2N® Indoor View answering units share the same design as the award-winning 2N® Indoor Talk unit.

Almost all of them. In retrofit projects, you have to address two main problems. Insufficient cabling and the need for a purely surface-mounted installation. What’s our solution?


Insufficient cabling


If there’s no cabling at all, or you don’t want to use it for some reason, choose calls via the My2N cloud platform. If the building has old 2-wire cabling, you can use it too. Just order some NVT Phybridge converters.


Surface-mounted installation


With the correct accessories, all our answering units other than the 2N® Indoor Talk can be surface-mounted. Our sales staff or the online 2N Project Designer tool can help you choose the right accessories.

An indoor intercom system for home with the Android operating system (2N® Indoor Touch 2.0) is more suitable for integration. For example, you can integrate it with applications controlling a camera system or home automation system. The 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 will then become the central panel for controlling the whole smart home.


Our other answering units (apart from the 2N® IP Handset) run on our own 2N OS. The advantage of this is that we are completely independent of third-party application development and everything is under our complete control. We can guarantee total reliability, security and a sense of privacy, while still allowing you to achieve easy integration, even with the 2N® Indoor View and 2N® Indoor Compact units. The units can send a simple http command.

We offer both alternatives. You’ll always find what you’re looking for in our portfolio. The 2N® Indoor View, for example, can be flush-mounted, surface-mounted or placed on a table on a stand. It definitely looks best flush-mounted in the wall, but we understand that this is a more demanding installation and there are places where you simply can’t drill into the wall. But always remember that you must choose the right accessories. Our sales staff or the 2N Project Designer can help you with that.

Lots of our clients place answering units in reception in office buildings. A unit at the reception desk looks more elegant than a traditional telephone. We offer the appropriate desk stand for all our answering units.

We developed the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 specifically for integration with home automation systems and third-party applications. However, we’re also adding integration options to our 2N® Indoor View and 2N® Indoor Compact products. Our units can already send a simple HTTPS command at the touch of a button. A command like that can control the blinds, the lights, the air-conditioning or call a lift.

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