Warranty and Repairs

Please, be aware that information presented about 2N Telekomunikace in the article below may not be relevant to the market in North America. Please note that 2N products are not covered under the Axis 5-year warranty.
Making a claim or requesting repair of a 2N product has never been simpler. Please follow the steps below.


If you have purchased your 2N product from one of our Authorized Distributors, and are having a quality issue, please contact our Tech Support Department.  We will work with you to trouble shoot the issue and determine if there is an issue with the 2N product.
Contact Technical Support

Warranty Service

We only perform repairs only for our direct customers. This means customers who were issued a sales receipt directly by 2N or who concluded a distribution agreement or supply agreement with us. For us to be able to repair the product, we need a few details.


  • Type and name of the goods
  • The product’s serial number
  • The sales receipt number
  • A description of the problem as precisely as possible

Request Warranty Service

For more information, please, visit Axis Warranty & RMA Page.

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