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Reconsider Door Access Control System as You Know It

Build your entire installation on powerful IP technology. Why? Give us just 2 minutes to show you.

Tips for choosing the right system can be found in our e-book called “The Evolution in Access Control Systems: A Guide to Smart Office Projects”.
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Integrate Easily with over 200 Brands

We've already prepared an integration manual for each of them.

Cost saving installation

Our intelligent readers come with the controller already built-in. Support of PoE means you need only a single UTP cable for connection and power in one. You won't need costly stand-alone controllers and you'll save on cabling and time spent installing.

A truly secure system

No empty words, high security is at the heart of our solution. Encrypted communication, multiple authentication, 802.1x, anti-passback, tamper switches, security relays and European manufacture all mean security you can rely on.

Flexible, powerful, beautiful

Pick the access technology which works best for you. An intuitive but open platform offers incredible integration power and our eye for design will make your installation stand out.


Use the power of smartphones to offer a modern approach to door access control system which is highly secure and convenient. Our leading technology means you no longer have to make compromises.


How does the system work?

All you need is a network cable by the door for communication and PoE. Since most camera and security systems use network cables too, it's no problem in this age of smart buildings.

The door lock may be connected directly to and powered by the device, so there's really no need for any extra cabling. This offers dramatic savings in installation costs.

You can easily configure the whole system using the 2N® Access Commander software. For smaller installations, we offer this software pre-installed on a small PC. For larger installations, we have an application for virtual servers. Take a look at the diagram to see how easy it is!

Unique Features of the 2N Access Control System

  • Reader and controller in one

    Avoid the costly and time-consuming process of interconnecting readers and controllers.

  • Encrypted data transmission

    HTTPS connection and support of TLS1.3, SIPS, SRTP all mean your site and data are safe.

  • Mobile access capable

    Using smartphone as an access credential offers users improved convenience and security.

  • Integrated lift access control

    Inbuilt control of lift access means a complete solution for both doors and floors.

  • Unified access and door communication

    Our range includes access capable intercoms, unified management and design aesthetic throughout.

Download e-book

Tips for choosing the right system can be found in our e-book called “The Evolution in Access Control Systems: A Guide to Smart Office Projects”.

Are you still unsure how to start off with our door access control systems?

Call Axis line at 1-800-444-2947 of fill in the form.