Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 2016, 2N has been a part of Axis group, with joint forces in North American market. Please, be aware that information presented about 2N Telekomunikace in the article below does not have to be entirely relevant to the market in North America.

We act responsibly. We help the needy, we support a variety of non-profit organizations as well as socially beneficial projects. We take care of the environment.

The Company's Business Activities

We have confidence in our own abilities and so we grow our business on the basis of clear and objective rules.
Let's call them quite simply – human decency and fairness.

  • We promote transparency not just internally but also towards our business partners and the public.
  • We reject any form of corruption.
  • We meet our financial obligations in a timely manner.
  • We only offer quality products that meet the company's high standards.
  • We inform our customers objectively, truthfully, and accurately about our products and services at all times.
  • We provide after-sales service for our products.
  • We comply with our 2N Code.

Social Responsibility

We are not only interested in life at 2N but also the things happening around us. This is why we traditionally support various community projects. Our employees help us choose our projects: they bring in ideas from the people and places where they live and personally keep an eye on things to make sure that funds find their way to the right place.

  • We care about our employees and they in turn create the values and good reputation of 2N.
  • We care about the health of our people and promote equal opportunity, a good work/life balance and professional development of all of our employees.
  • We cooperate with schools at various educational levels and equip them with our products. We show students and pupils the advantages of drawing on theoretical knowledge for future application in practice.
  • We are long-standing supporters of the non-profit organisation ADRA o.p.s through our participation in charity events, support for their projects and cooperation in social media.
  • We regularly support the “Srdíčkový den” (“Day of Hearts”), “Český den proti rakovině” (“Czech Anti-Cancer Day”) and traditional “Běh pro Světlušku” (“Run for the Firefly Project”) events. The proceeds of these events go, for example, towards helping sick and abandoned children, adults and children who suffer from a disability, cancer prevention and improving the lives of cancer patients, support for oncology-related education, cancer research and equipment for cancer treatment centres.
  • We participate in the “Remobil” (“Re-mobile”) project and contribute to the Jedlička Institute and schools by collecting old mobile phones and accessories.
  • We participate in the “Ukliďme Česko” (“Let’s Clean Up the Czech Republic”) project through regular cleaning work in Modřany and via voluntary clean-up events, whose aim is to clean up illegal dumping and litter.
  • We have become a partner in events held by the non-profit organisation Asistence o.p.s., not only with financial contributions but also through participation in person at events to raise awareness about the needs of people who live with disabilities.

Who do we help?

We have recently supported the following organisations:

Environmental Protection

Our aim is to keep improving our treatment of the environment. We are ISO 14001:2015 certified in the field
of environmental management and we comply with the following rules of environmental policy:

  • We abide by all applicable laws, rules, directives and other regulations for the protection of the environment and related matters.
  • We set objectives and target values for the continuous improvement of the environmental profile of our company.
  • We reduce any negative impact of all our activities, products and services using the best available and economically viable technologies.
  • We continuously identify possible risks and implement preventive and remedial measures to eliminate or reduce them to the greatest extent possible.
  • We save natural resources by giving preference to environmentally friendly materials and technological processes.
  • We demand compliance with the principles of environmental protection from our suppliers.
  • We communicate openly with our people about our company's impact on the environment.

The company's environmental policy is mandatory for all our employees who are all responsible for complying with it to the full extent of their responsibilities

We Take Care of the Environment

We work in a building that produces solar power for its own consumption, we sort waste, we don't waste water, paper and energy, we follow rules for switching the air conditioning on and the list goes on.

2N Social Responsibility

OHS Policy

We aim to keep improving our OHS practices and are committed to safe and healthy working conditions and preventing occupational hazards and injury to health. This OHS policy expresses the company management’s resolution on occupational health.

  • Compliance with the requirements of all valid laws, decrees and other regulations relating to OHS.
  • Elimination of hazards and reduction of risk specified by OHS.
  • Continuous monitoring of potential risk and application of preventive and remedial measures to eliminate or reduce risk as much as possible.
  • Compliance with OHS principles required from our suppliers.
  • Open communication with employees relating to OHS. We are committed to involving employees in OHS and discussing OHS initiatives with employees.
  • Establishment of objectives and target values for continuous improvement in OHS.

All our employees are bound by Company OHS policy. Employees are responsible for compliance with policy in accordance with their duties and obligations.

ISO 27001 – Information Security

The company is introducing an Information Security Management System. This will ensure the very highest level of protection for our customers’ data and our own internal data. We will be modifying our internal processes and policies according to this standard. Our supervisory bodies regularly assess the current conditions, plan improvements and are able to react swiftly to any potential threat.