2N AppeAR

Don’t just imagine 2N solutions: visualise them!

Introducing our new app for mobile that gives you everything about our IP intercoms, indoor stations, and access control readers at your fingertips – including how great they’ll look installed at any project.

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Virtual Installation
Want to make sure the 2N product you’ve chosen fits your installation? Simply point your phone with 2N AppeAR installed at the place you want to install it and watch it appear right in front of your eyes in a 1:1 scale display!
3D models
View detailed 3D models of every product - complete with all dimensions and the ability to view them disassembled
Technical information
Get all the technical information you need in one handy space, including product descriptions and links to all relevant documents
Interactive product portfolio
Point your smartphone with the app at the product page in our catalogue and view a 3D model of the product right in front of you!

Why should you use 2N AppeAR?

Put simply – for better preparation and total convenience: two of the most important things that allow your project to run smoothly. Having all the info you need about all our products you want at your fingertips is great and allows you to make more informed, careful decisions quickly.

What’s more – you can use the app to show your customers how great 2N products will look on their buildings!

 2N AppeAR 2N AppeAR 2N AppeAR 2N AppeAR

2N AppeAR can be downloaded and installed via official iOS and Android app stores.
To use or get better results with Augmented Reality features (especially surface detection), the lighting and sometimes the texture of the surface are essential. The better the lighting, the higher the probability that your mobile device will successfully detect a surface. Regarding surfaces you want to display 2N products on, a more textured surface has a better chance of the AR detecting it.
Unfortunately, it is not possible in the typical sense, as the App showcases the product in a 1:1 ratio so that you can get a better idea about its sizing. If you want to see more details with the 3D catalogue, move your phone closer to the catalogue.
For now, only Czech and English languages are available. If we see increased demand for other languages, we will consider adding them.
Make sure that:
  • Your mobile device supports Augmented Reality (iOS ARkit, Android ARcore)
  • You have installed the latest version of iOS or Android 
  • You have installed the newest version of 2N AppeAR
  • You have enough Memory and storage available on your mobile device