Warranty and repairs

We are sorry that you are having problems with our product. Read on to find out how to resolve the issue.

Product Purchased from a 2N Distributor

Did you buy our product from one of our distributors? Ask them directly for warranty or post-warranty repairs.
Contact your distributor

Warranty and Post-Warranty Repairs

We only perform repairs only for our direct customers. This means customers who were issued a sales receipt directly by 2N or who concluded a distribution agreement or supply agreement with us. For us to be able to repair the product, we need a few details.


  • Type and name of the goods
  • The product’s serial number
  • The sales receipt number
  •  A description of the problem as precisely as possible
In case of a repair after your warranty elapsed, please contact 2N distributors authorized to service our products.

How to Request Warranty/Post-Warranty Repairs From Us?

1. Download the service sheet
2. Fill it in
3. Visit the technical support page
4. Create a new ticket and attach the completed service sheet *
5. Wait for our technician’s instructions

Download service sheet

* The ticket on the support.2n.com portal lets our technical support staff check most products remotely. This often resolves the issue. Don’t you want our technical support staff to control your product remotely? You can still request repair, but you do then assume a certain risk. If we discover that the repair really could have been performed remotely, we will bill you for the cost.