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We set the trends for IP access control systems and lift communications. We developed the first IP and LTE intercoms in the world. With our products, you will be sure that you are offering your customers modern and long-term solutions.

We have branches in the Czech Republic, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and other countries. Our trained distributors are located in 130 countries around the world, so our pre-sales and after-sales support are always close at hand.

We became part of the Axis family in 2016, adding stability to our rapid development.

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Wondering how you can boost your business? Get familiar with 2N‘s first-class products and solutions and how they can help you win amazing projects. Watch the 2N on Air live streams from our archive.
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We perform to such high standards because we value the people that make it happen!


We care about the world around us and help our local communities whenever we can. We support a variety of non-profit organisations and charities - see below for some examples of organisations we’ve helped:

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2N is Member of Axis

Managing Company: Axis Communications AB, Gränden 1, Lund, 223 69, Sweden
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