We are proud of our female employees

After all, technology is not only the domain of men.

We appreciate women and want them to want to work for us! Our company is global, and our success is not only based on our unique products but most of all on our employees. Our intercoms are at the forefront of their field, and we strive to ensure the same in working conditions for our people. Establishing new trends in human resources is just as important to us as introducing new directions in the market for access control systems.

The result: despite 2N being a technology company, more than 25% are women, and our goal is to have even more women at 2N. Women hold important positions at our company. We have a female HR Director, female Head of Customer Care, female Senior Lawyer and a female UX Team Head. It is important to us that our female employees can easily combine the time they spend at work and the time they need for their children and families. For new mothers, we have positions available with shorter working hours, and for those returning to work after parental leave—the same as for fathers—we offer the option to work from home and flexible working hours.

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Take a look at these videos of our female colleagues

Dáša has been working at 2N for thirteen years. After returning from maternity leave, she took on a development position as a Technical Writer, which she has worked in now for two years. Apart from her work duties, the option to work shorter hours and take advantage of flexible working hours suited her. Precisely because of these perks, she has no problem combining her work with looking after a family with two children.

Klára has been working at 2N for eight years and is responsible for the UX Department. This is one of the few departments at the company made up predominantly of women. From a work-life balance point of view, she was attracted to 2N because a key issue for the employer is ensuring that anyone working at 2N can coordinate their work and private life. This approach suited her perfectly because she is a single mother.

Radka is from Slovakia and started working at 2N five years ago as the Technology Partner Manager. Working in a male team for her was a new experience. She enjoys the international aspect of working at 2N the most, because it gives her the opportunity to travel abroad and meet interesting people at conferences and trade fairs.

Stanislava works at 2N as a senior ux designer. Considering her previous experience, working at a technology company such as 2N is nothing new, but she especially enjoys being able to contribute towards products that are number one in their field. She also appreciates her employer’s attitude towards employees, the respect for her personal life and the time she gets to rest and pursue her hobbies.

And how does cooperation between men and women work in our company?

Our men colleagues certainly have something to say. Michal points out that women are our best sales representatives. Peter emphasizes the importance of female energy in the team. And Tomáš remembers how he chose the first woman to join the product management team.

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