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Featuring a sleek 10’’ touch display and supercharged with the AXIS ARTPEC-7 processor, a full-HD camera and WaveKey technology - the 2N® IP Style is truly ground-breaking.
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Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Discover the second generation of the world's most modular intercom: now with a Full HD camera plus advanced features like QR code reading.
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Answer the door from anywhere

Give your residents a home they can stay in contact with no matter where they are!
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2N Certified Installer Program

Want to stand out from the competition? Grow your business and sales network by becoming a 2N Certified Installer!
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Discover modern vehicle access

Find out which of our modern vehicle access control solutions meets your needs.
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Redesigned according to your needs!

Longer Ethernet pigtail for even easier installation on door frames, plus two new installation boxes for wall mounting
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Customer Success Stories

Learn how 2N has helped its customers solve their needs and succeed in today’s challenging world.
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