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Analogue, digital or IP?
We have solutions for all types of technology. All you have to do is choose.
All you need is two wires
You only need two wires in the travelling cable for emergency communication and data connectivity to the cabin.
Our products meet all the requirements prescribed by elevator standards, including the need for an integrated backup battery.
Elevator under control
Has the elevator stopped? The controller simply switches the input on the 2N gateway, which immediately informs a technician by SMS.
One gateway, one SIM
For both emergency calls and data communication with the gateway, the controller or access control system.
Forget about land lines
Reliable communication and DTMF can be secured over mobile networks, ideally 4G with VoIP support.
Data connectivity all the way to the cabin
With us, you can easily connect an IP communicator, camera and advertising panel in the cabin, without the need for a UTP cable.
Remote management
No more unnecessary call-outs! Manage and monitor IP elevator devices from your office.


IP solution

A smart elevator means a connected elevator. With our solution, you only need one IoT gateway and two wires in the travelling cable to connect an IP communicator, camera, access reader and advertising panel in the elevator cabin. Improve your elevator!

Digital solution

Are you looking for a modular solution with a wide range of communication interfaces? 2N® Lift8 is the perfect choice for you. You can connect up to eight shafts to the central unit and each shaft can have up to six communication units.

IP Access Control Systems

A elevator is part of the whole access control system in a building. Each cabin should therefore also have an access reader. Choose from our extensive portfolio.
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Reference projects

The following projects include 2N products that ensure passenger elevator safety.

Reference projects

► Varso Tower, Warsaw


► Royal Atlantis Hotel, Dubai


► V Tower, Prague


► Zorlu Center, Istanbul


► W Dubai - The Palm, Dubai


► Universitair Ziekenhuis, Gent

Your questions, our answers
We’ve prepared answers to the questions you most frequently ask us.

Easy, and you don’t even need a UTP cable in the lift shaft. Install a 2N® LiftGate IoT gateway in the machine room, ensuring data connection via a SIM or WAN port. With just two wires in the travelling cable, connect it to the 2N® LiftGate Cabin Switch located on the roof of the cabin. Then you can even connect an IP communicator, camera, advertising panel or reader.

A single gateway with one SIM card offers you reliable emergency communication with the operator. And not just for one lift. With our modular 2N® Lift8 solution, the gateway can serve up to 8 shafts. In addition, each shaft can have up to six communicators.


You can make similar savings with our 2N® LiftGate IoT gateway. This combines the functions of several devices – an LTE router, switch, converter and backup power supply. It also provides voice and data communication for smart devices in the lift cabin, for the controller and the IP phone in the machine room via a single SIM card.

More than that. 2G, 3G and VoLTE often distort the DTMF signal. Only VoIP technology, using a SIP protocol, guarantees reliable DTMF transmission, something that is essential for the identification of the lift when calling for help. At the same time, it delivers clear audio and saves on charges. Plus, l but not least, IP offers centralised management and monitoring of IP devices in the lift.