Automatic door opener ED100

Order number: 11202401

Low-energy, simple and safe automatic door strike without the need to touch the door handle. Thanks to the option of fully contactless operation, it is the ideal solution for offices, hospitals, banks or retirement homes. The strike is activated by potential-free contact. It can be connected to a motion sensor, as well as an electronic access control system. In this case, it automatically opens the door to users with a valid chip, code or mobile authorization. The door strike can be installed on the right or left side of the door, while the door can open inward or outward.

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Alternating motor with a self-locking mechanism, long lifespan and energy savings
Adjustable opening and closing speed
Operating modes: automatic / locked / one-way / partially open / hold-open position

Safety blocking and electronic lock function
Support of multiple access control systems and a fire alarm system
Automatic reverse operation
Supplied with an arm for inward opening, a sensor and two remote controls

Technical parameters:
Operating voltage
230 V
Opening speed (90°):
3-7 seconds
Operating temperature:
-20 °C to +55 °C
Protection level:
620 x 197 x 82 mm
8,5 kg
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Datasheet (EN) - Automatic door opener ED100
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