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There are three different ways to set up the 2N solution that includes IP intercoms, access control readers, indoor panels, and other devices. Discover which configuration management tool suits your project
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Flexible configuration options suited to your needs

Different projects have vastly different needs: which is why we offer three different ways to set up 2N IP Intercoms, access control readers, indoor panels, and other devices to create a complete solution you can easily manage. Use this page to find which is best for you.




The My2N Management Platform


Efficient and remote installation management in a cloud platform designed for residential projects that want a complete video door entry system

  • Got multiple devices across different networks? Not a problem

  • Manage devices directly via the cloud

  • Configure residents’ credentials and access rights

  • Our most intuitive interface, with no need for technical background

  • Set up cloud calling for remote video calling from video intercoms




2N® Access Commander


On-premise solution for the local management of access control systems in commercial installations with office intercom systems. Suited for large projects with multiple devices.

  • Assign different roles to different users & delegate site management to them

  • Powerful features paired with a straightforward interface anyone can navigate

  • Available for download at or pre-installed on a mini-PC





Using the 2N OS, you have granular access to the device’s settings, meaning you can make whichever changes you need to its general configuration plus grant user access via individual devices.

  • Using the 2N OS for device management is best for smaller installations, both residential and commercial

  • Offers control over every aspect of the device itself: from the directory to the user sounds, backlighting of the keypad, and so on

  • Access the configuration of each 2N device directly through your browser using its IP address


What's your perfect configuration & management tool?

If you have a project that uses only a few devices, setting up your IP intercoms, access control readers and indoor panels in the 2N OS is a great option, and easily manageable. You can set access rights in it directly, and it will give you the flexibility to offer advanced features such as a customised display for the 2N® IP Style. However, the 2N OS is not your only option! You can centrally manage any project of any size with either 2N® Access Commander or the My2N Management platform, and the 2N OS is simply a way to make changes to devices on a granular level as well.

It's also important to note that any project of any size can use the 2N OS to make changes to devices!

As mentioned before, you can still use the 2N OS to make any changes to any device needed. Then, to centrally manage a complete office intercom system, 2N® Access Commander is the best option. It’s designed for the on-premise management of IP intercoms and access control readers and allows you to assign day-to-day tasks to the users (receptionist, HR manager, IT manager) in the buildings.

Again, you can still use the 2N OS if you want to make changes to individual devices. However, for the configuration and management of large numbers of devices, the My2N Management Platform was made for you! The cloud-based infrastructure was designed to allow property managers to configure IP intercoms, access control readers, and indoor panels without needing them to be on the same network. The simple interface also means it’s less complex than platforms designed for commercial use cases, you won’t need to be an expert to know how to set access rights or intercom calling.

2N® Access Commander is the best option for you when it comes to the management of users, devices and access, however, you can certainly still use the My2N Management Platform to deliver cloud calling to the users managed in 2N® Access Commander - plus whatever else the project requires.

Not a problem! You can access the devices’ 2N OS configuration interface natively through either of those two platforms; where devices are in the same local network via 2N® Access Commander, or remotely through the cloud via the My2N Management Platform.

That’s OK. Our team are ready and waiting to talk you through the options. Use the contact form at the end of this page to get in touch and speak to someone about what you need and what we can offer you.

Want to ensure the seamless configuration of 2N devices?

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