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Design and Testing

As a manufacturer of smart network devices, we design our products and services with (cyber)security in mind. Our professional designers analyse every known security threats and design the product to reduce the potential risk. Careful testing of the product before its official release is standard. The entire process is designed to deliver products, services and solutions that fulfil the highest cybersecurity standards!

Cybersecurity by design

A proactive approach to security in our products and services is our priority! This begins right from the design stage. Our team of designers, who are regularly trained in cybersecurity, first analyse minimise, and prioritise potential risks, all with one objective in mind—to frustrate potential attackers from compromising stored data or misusing the system. We design and develop our products according to:

  • International security standards (ISO 27001, SOC 2)
  • Selected principles of the Secure by Design specification
  • The security model of our parent company Axis
  • Our internal processes and knowledge

Security certificates unique to each device, intelligent password system, protection against dictionary attacks and communication using state-of-the-art encryption principles similar to those used in the banking sector. By applying these and many other principles in the development process, 2N products meet the very highest security criteria for personal data protection, product security and network infrastructure security.

Cloud security and its specifics

Our cloud solutions are secured with a series of preventive protection mechanisms and processes for managing security risks. These help us minimise the risk of service outages, leakage and the misuse of sensitive data. We have “disaster-recovery” plans for critical parts of the system that minimise the impact on business during any unexpected outage. The following are crucial in managing cloud security:

  • Use of trustworthy cloud platforms
  • Continuous monitoring of the system and the collection of relevant data
  • Assessment of current and potential risks
  • Immediate response to unexpected events or threats
  • Quick data recovery from back-up


The application of these processes and regular security audits give us the certainty that threats can be detected and responded to immediately. We carefully record and investigate all security incidents and service outages. Everything is designed to keep improving the solution’s overall security and ensure reliability, availability and scalability.

Products and service testing

Our development operations include the careful and regular testing of products, services and applications. This detects any potential system vulnerabilities and ensures our products protect against intruders and attacks as effectively as possible. Testing is done on several levels in the form of unit tests, smoke tests, integration and regression tests, and of course, penetration tests designed to eliminate security weaknesses.

We constantly monitor and improve our testing and development processes, and study the human factor to make sure only authorised persons have access to sensitive data. These people are regularly audited and undergo various security training courses.

Keep the system up-to-date

Any software products can potentially be released with as yet unknown vulnerabilities that could be discovered and exploited in the future. Our products are no exception to this, but in most cases, this only represents a minimal risk, and there is no danger that sensitive data could potentially be misused or compromised.

Our aim is to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities continuously by regularly releasing new versions of our firmware and software. These updates address any security bugs that hackers might take advantage of. All of our devices indicate whether a new version of the firmware is available. We save these updates on a secure sever so they cannot be counterfeited. Updates are free to download for the entirety of the product life cycle.