Crafting the Perfect IP intercom


 Camilla Ashdown, 16. 11. 2023 | 5 min read

Imagine if you took all the best features of a modern IP intercom, supercharged them, and combined them in one sleek device. Well actually - you don’t need to imagine – we’ve done it! Discover why we’ve termed the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 the Unicorn of IP intercoms

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Crafting a Unicorn: taking the essential and making it special

Which features should a truly future-proof IP intercom have? Which will allow you to cater to any project's demands, no matter the sector or the demands of the client? And is it possible to have every feature packed into one device? 

Believe it or not, the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 has done it! It takes all these features, supercharges them, and combines them, to make something magical - the unicorn of intercoms. Let’s dive in.

 Multi-Access Technology

Essentially, an IP intercom needs to be able to let people with valid access credentials into buildings – whether they enter via the front door, via the garage, or through the back entrance. The way the IP intercom ‘decides’ who can enter and who can’t varies according to the needs of the people who run the building – it can be via an RFID card, by using the correct PIN code, and so on. 

You could say that the intercom needs to support only one access credential. If people can get into the building, that’s enough, right? Unfortunately, by today’s standards, no. 

Most buildings will have a variety of people who need to access them – and not everyone can have the same credentials. For example, the day-to-day workers in office buildings need something like RFID cards to use every day, and company visitors will benefit from being emailed one-time PIN codes in advance to save time. 

In residential complexes, you may want to install mobile access control – and why not? After all, it’s becoming a modern standard and has many benefits for all verticals. However, not everyone can use a mobile phone (the elderly, for example), and people’s phones die or get lost – so a backup option is needed again!

Furthermore, a lot of projects require a higher level of security – and multi-access support will enable measures such as double-factor authentication. 

The Unicorn Standard: Multi-access made perfect

Multi-access support is taken to another level with the 2N® IP Verso 2.0. It supports 5 different access technologies in one device – RFID cards, mobile access control powered by WaveKey, fingerprints, PIN codes, and QR code reading, which is a very convenient way of providing one-time access. QR code reading is also more secure than PIN codes, as you eliminate the possibility of credential misuse due to overhearing the numbers or seeing the PIN code being entered. 

Expandability and Scalability 

Needs change all the time. Whether that’s the needs of a market, or of a particular project – what users want and buildings require from an IP intercom can develop over the years. This means that IP intercoms should be scalable, enabling installers to add more units or features as required. But how? 

Well, again, IP technology is your friend here – cloud-based systems can allow for software updates that add new features, and in terms of the physical device, certain IP intercoms can allow for new modules to be added and configured to work as a new part of the device.

Flexibility such as this ensures that your intercom system can adapt to evolving requirements, is made ‘future-proof’ – and could even contribute to the sustainability of the device since it avoids unnecessary device replacement every few years upon the launch of a new feature the market is hungry for.

But what about adding new parts? It could be the case that a project has requested more modern mobile access control in addition to (or to replace) the current access methods… could it be possible to add to an existing intercom without needing to change the entire device?

The Unicorn Standard: Modular perfection

Yes, it is possible! The 2N® IP Verso 2.0 isn’t just flexible – like its award-winning predecessor, it’s entirely modular by design. 

You can choose from and combine 17 access control, display modules, other modules such as induction panels and keypads, plus another 17 mounting accessories of varying sizes, colours, and mounting options. Combine what you need to create over 160 combinations and craft the perfect device for any building: apartment complex, office, school, warehouse… the list is endless. 

This modular design is great because not only can you build exactly the right intercom when the project first starts, but you can also modify or expand it, later on, should the door access control needs change. You can replace a module that no longer fits with a new one, add another module to the IP intercom if you have a vacant position (covered by the blind module), or simply expand the device with additional modules - up to 30 of these can be connected to one main unit. And, of course, it’s powered by the 2N OS, which is updated all the time with new features – meaning the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 is a truly future-proof device.

High-Quality Communication

Every IP intercom should offer the ability for the occupants of the building to communicate with visitors – whether that’s using audio communication or video. What’s essential for the safety of the building is that said communication is of a high quality – a significant advantage of IP systems over analogue ones

Whether or not the IP intercom should have a camera – depends on the project and where the intercom is installed. However, we’d argue that video communication is an essential part of a secure building as it allows for clear visual visitor verification and can also enable other security benefits such as video monitoring of entrances and visual entrance logs.

The Unicorn Standard: Next-level communication

Not all intercom cameras are created equal! For the clearest, and most secure communication, a Full HD camera is the best option. The 2N® IP Verso 2.0 is equipped with one of the best cameras on the market – it’s Full HD and maintains image colour and clarity even in bad lighting. And whilst other intercom cameras might need to switch to night mode come dusk, the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 only switches to full night mode if it’s totally dark! 

Plus, the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) capabilities, made possible by the powerful Axis ARTPEC-7 processor within the intercom, will make sure that even if the sun is shining behind the visitor, the camera can adapt and balance the image perfectly. No black silhouettes here – perfect clarity, every time. 

What else? The AXIS Zipstream technology reduces Full-HD streams’ bitrate and storage requirements by an average of 50% compared to H.264: another advantage of that processor, along with advanced motion detection.  


All of these flashy features mean nothing if the intercom is not durable enough and needs replacing after a year. Any IP intercom worth its salt should be made with development, durability, and testing in mind. 

Why? IP intercoms are most often installed outside and are therefore exposed to potentially extreme weather conditions: which means it needs to be weather-resistant to ensure that it can function properly no matter what. 

It should also be able to handle a lot of everyday use, particularly if they are installed in busy environments. Because of this, the quality of materials used is important; cheap materials sourced from bad providers won’t last long, and although the initial cost of a premium IP intercom may be higher, it will last years without needing to be replaced and will show minimal signs of wear and tear.

The Unicorn Standard: extreme durability

We crafted the chassis of the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 out of durable anodised aluminium – which means the IP intercom is super strong and will hold its shape perfectly during installation, even on uneven surfaces, without a single dent.

And when it’s already installed, the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 has an IP54 and IK08 rating – which ensures it can withstand almost any weather conditions, salty sea air when installed close to the coast and any potential damage that could occur from vandals or other nefarious characters! 

Would a unicorn IP intercom bring something special to your next project?

We think it will. If you have any questions about the 2N® IP Verso 2.0, or any of our products, reach out to our sales team and they’ll be happy to help.

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