Wondering who writes the 2N blog posts? Read a few sentences about each author.

  • Gareth Robinson

    As a creative thinker, Gareth brings innovative ideas and new approaches to problem solving, whilst maintaining a sharp focus on user needs. Gareth’s main passions in life are music, travel, and spending time with his family.
  • Radka Talianová

    Radka is a Technology Partner Manager, focusing on building a rich ecosystem of technology partners around 2N products. Working previously for a system integrator, she gained important insights into customer´s need for flexibility and systems open architecture. You can find her in nature, restaurant or yoga studio.
  • Camilla Ashdown

    Camilla is a copywriter with a real passion for well-written copy, a crazy eye for detail, and a love of well-designed products - which makes her a perfect fit for 2N! London born but currently living in Prague, you'll find her in any pub with a cold Pilsner in hand
  • Dušan Benža

    Dušan is in charge of the product marketing at 2N, making sure all our intercoms and answering units look shiny and bright. He is always eager to discuss cool new campaigns, craft beer and interesting prog metal bands.
  • Marek Chládek

    Marek has been working at 2N since he was 15 years old. He knows the company perfectly from the basement to the canteen on the top floor. He torments his colleagues with excessive diligence and loves live concerts.
  • Lukáš Psota

    Lukáš started at 2N as a technical support. His technical background is an indisputable advantage for him at work. He is one of the few marketers who knows in detail what he is writing about. He's a big eater, but he's also a sportsman, so it doesn't show.