23.09.2021 Software

2N® Access Commander 2.1: More Convenient Visitor Management

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Too many people in the room?

Limit the number of people in a room, whether a meeting room, conference room or open plan office. The Covid-19 situation has still not been fully resolved, and some regulations may require that only a certain number of people are present in a designated area. No problem for the new 2N® Access Commander with the Occupancy Management function.Woman at the reception

In the first step, you create an area, then the maximum number of people allowed in it and what should happen if the limit is exceeded. You can choose to deny access or just be sent a notification. The receptionist or security manager can monitor the situation live in a widget on the dashboard.

More convenient visitor management

In version 2.1 of 2N® Access Commander software, we created a whole new section for visitor management. The receptionist can create a new user—a visitor— very easily and immediately assign him or her access credentials (PIN, RFID card or car licence plate number). The PIN is e-mailed in advance with a single click directly from the interface, and the card is handed over directly at reception. What about the car licence plate number? The receptionist simply enters it into the system, and the garage door opens automatically when the visitor arrives. The administrator can see a list of visitors in the new Visitors widget.

Monitor passage from both sides

One device (an intercom or a reader) can control passage through a door in both directions. All you need is a 2N® IP Verso intercom or reader from the 2N Access Unit 2.0 family on one side. Install one of the 2N® IP Verso intercom access modules on the other side of the door and connect it through the wall to the intercom or reader. This means that you have one access unit at the door, but readers on both sides.

2N® Access Commander 2.1 is able to recognise which reader the user used, and you can manage access from both sides. This simplifies administration and is very useful, for example, for the Occupancy Management function described above.

What else do we have in there?

For example, we have made LDAP synchronisation easier. 2N® Access Commander now also respects groups which users are assigned to. The only condition is that you create the groups in the software before synchronising. We have also prepared 2N® Access Commander for the 2N® IP Style. The full 10″ touchscreen intercom display offers new options for displaying the tree structure, and you can even assign images to individual folders. You can set everything up directly in the software.

For problem-free compatibility with 2N® Access Commander software, upgrade intercoms and access readers to 2N OS version 2.33. Among other things, the new OS version offers you useful enhancement of integration with the AXIS Camera Station.

Do you have more than three 2N devices in your installation?

Always offer 2N® Access Commander software in addition. It saves admins a lot of time. Did you know that you can set up as many as 5 devices and 50 users in the installation free of charge?

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