31.08.2023 Software

2N Access Commander 2.7: More Office Intercom System Efficiency

The new update to our office intercom system management software offers two features that increase convenience. 

The 2N® Access Commander is a must for commercial projects. It acts as the nerve centre of 2N devices and allows admins, managers, and end-users to manage access rights within office intercom systems very efficiently. And now, it’s been updated!

Introducing 2N® Access Commander Version 2.7 – the latest update to our software that gives you two much-requested features: the possibility to export lists of users, and bulk credential assignment. Let’s dive in!

Please note, both features are available with the Advanced, Pro or Unlimited licence of 2N® Access Commander.

Export lists of users

This is something our customers who run office video intercom systems asked for – and so, now it’s a reality!

You can now export a list of all users out of the 2N® Access Commander alongside various important attributes such as zones/doors the users can access, email addresses, numbers of RFID cards, and more!

When would this be useful?

One example of where this is useful is when an external auditor has no access to the 2N® Access Commander, yet they still need to verify that the user data (RFID cards, zones where users can enter, etc.) is up to date - and potentially change something.

Another good use of this feature is that it gives you or other admins the possibility to upload the exported data to other systems, for example, HR software.

How does it work?

Head to the new section ‘Reports’ in 2N® Access Commander. This section will contain four downloadable reports. You can then download them in CSV format.

The four default reports are as follows:

  1. Users with their BLE pairing status

  2. Users with groups to which they belong & zones/doors that they can enter

  3. Users with detail attributes (phone numbers, email, etc.)

  4. Synchro file feature: Export the file from 2N® Access Commander with user details such as email or phone number, edit the data directly in the file and upload it back to the system – where it will update the users based on your changes!

For large office intercom systems: bulk credential assignment!

Many of our customers develop projects that have a lot of employees – sometimes even thousands of them. With such large companies comes a similarly large need for efficient access right management.

Enter – bulk credential assignment! No more assigning access credentials one by one, you can now assign PIN, QR or Bluetooth credentials to multiple users in one hit. It will save considerable time, and certainly make the office intercom system run smoother.

When would this be useful?

A common use case will be companies that are onboarding all employees in the building at once – either because the company is new, or the company has moved to a new premises. Large companies that hire a large amount of people and/or have high turnovers will also find this very useful.

How does it work?

When multiple users are selected, the possibility to assign PIN, QR or Bluetooth credential (pairing PIN) is displayed among other bulk operations.

Note: It’s currently not possible to select all users at once, only all users that are displayed on the open screen. To combat this, we’ve increased the number of rows in the user list to 500 so that if it is not possible to select all users at once, it is at least possible to select many. So, even if the company must onboard 1000 employees, they will only have to click the button twice!

Give me efficient office intercom systems!

2N® Access Commander offers much more than what’s on this page – and you can try it out for yourself by using our free demo.

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