14.09.2022 Solutions

2N Adds a Touch of Luxury and Modern Mobile Access to a High-end Residential Development

When SUDOP Invest were looking for a premium access control system that was able to be configured easily to meet their needs - 2N were of course a natural choice.

SUDOP Invest wanted what all high-end developers (and the residents that live in their projects) want – stylish design, modern mobile access, reliable and innovative solutions, and easy configuration & installation. Luckily for them, they found 2N – and we fulfilled their strict and specified brief with ease! 2N adds a touch of luxury and modern mobile access to a high-end residential development

We’re really proud to have our amazing products find a home in the heart of the city they were made in at Churchill Residence in Prague– and we think you’ll agree, they look stunning. But it’s not all a pretty face: our solutions also gave the project something really special– mobile access that will be user-friendly, cyber-safe, and super reliable for years to come.

So, what did they choose? Well, the modular 2N® IP Verso was the intercom of choice for Churchill Residence, and its Bluetooth and RFID reader combined with our WaveKey technology created a fast and advanced mobile access solution that residents will love to use. The Verso was also used to secure the underground garage and was integrated with a third-party license plate reader –proving yet again it’s the most versatile intercom out there!

Apartments were decked out with super sleek 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 answering units, which can be fully integrated with home automation systems. The residents of the development will also love being able to monitor their entrance and open the front door remotely using the 2N® Mobile Video app – as well as the 24-hour receptionist desk, which has been fully equipped with the smart 2N® IP Phone D7A.

Read on for more details about the project and the products used, plus find out what great things they had to say about 2N:

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