04.04.2022 Compatibility

2N Intercoms Now Fully Compatible With Tyco C•Cure 9000

We have become a member of the Tyco Connected Partner Program. This official partnership is your 100% guarantee of the seamless integration of 2N intercoms into the C•Cure 9000® system.

C•Cure 9000® by Tyco is one of the top security systems, integrating more than 300 devices and technologies. Our intercoms are the latest addition to this large family. Check out the main benefits of integrating 2N IP intercoms with the Tyco C•Cure 9000® system. C•Cure 9000® system

Benefits for the security operator

  • Clear graphic interface from which the operator can initiate a call with a person standing at the entrance to the building.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the status of connected devices, as well as the status of calls and security alarms in the event log. All clearly represented by icons on a graphic map of the building.
  • Practical option of opening the door directly from the main station.
  • Improved work efficiency thanks to notifications and automatic linking of events from the intercom to the access control, video management and other systems.

Benefits for the installer

  • Direct integration of 2N products into C•Cure via the 2N Plugin for CCure.
  • Calls between the intercom and main station can be made via a direct SIP call or via SIP Proxy.
  • Advanced linking of alarms from the intercom (e.g., call status, the intercom being opened or motion detection) to actions in other C•Cure systems (e.g., notifications on the display, launch of a pop-up or recording video footage).

A more detailed description of functions, a circuit diagram and details about supported versions and products can be found in the leaflet or on our Integration HUB.

See the benefits of this integration for yourself

Contact our specialists the moment you have a suitable project. They will give you a detailed presentation about this integration and help you with its implementation.

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