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2N IP Intercoms Support a Powerful Combination of ONVIF Standards: Profile S and T

Make our video intercoms part of your video surveillance solution. Increase security, and get the most in-demand intercom features on the market.

Want to increase building security using the best intercom features on the market?

Great news! Our market-leading IP intercoms can now work as an advanced part of any video surveillance solution because they now support a powerful combination of ONVIF Profile S and Profile T.

What are ONVIF Profiles T and S?

ip intercomONVIF Profile T and ONVIF Profile S are two specifications developed by ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum), an industry consortium that promotes standardized interfaces for IP-based physical security products such as surveillance cameras, access control systems – and 2N IP intercoms!

ONVIF Profile T

Profile T, the newest standard we support, is a standard for IP-based video streaming. It primarily focuses on video compression, streaming and alarm events such as motion detection. It defines a common set of video formats and parameters, making it easier for different manufacturers' devices to work together seamlessly when handling video streams.

ONVIF Profile S

Profile S is one of the earlier ONVIF profiles and focuses on more basic functionalities required for video streaming and device control. We’ve supported this one for a while – and the Profile S generally aims to provide a common interface for different manufacturers' devices, enabling them to work together within an IP-based video surveillance system.

Why is this support so great?

IP intercoms can work as a valuable part of a video management system - however, it’s no longer enough to simply stream or monitor the video feed from the IP intercom.

Adding the support of both ONVIF Profile S and T into our devices means that when you integrate them with a VMS, you will be able to enjoy advanced capabilities, making your building more secure

Features and Benefits of Integration between 2N IP Intercoms and Video Management Systems

All of these advanced features are made possible thanks to the support of ONVIF profile T and profile S!

  • Including door monitoring in building video surveillance has a proven, positive impact on building security. Adding audio stream to video means even more flexibility!
  • Video stream from an IP video intercom’s camera – particularly those with a Full HD camera - provides a clear look at the faces of:
    • People requesting access to the building
    • Those using the intercom for emergency communication
    • People seeking assistance. 

Good visual verification is important for heightened security – in the cases of tracking visitors' movements within a building or providing evidence in case of security breaches.

  • Bi-directional audio enables VMS operators to communicate with users seeking help - providing them with immediate, effective assistance.
  • The IP intercom’s microphone can also allow the intercom to be used as a ‘Listen-In’ device to monitor what´s going on in front of the entrance and allow operators to react ahead of time to suspicious situations.
  • Use the intercom speaker to start a conversation, play pre-recorded messages and make voice announcements directly from the interface of your video management platform.
  • Automated workflows: improve reaction time to incidents and provide more complete situational awareness for security operators. They can control and monitor intercom inputs/output, and link intercom events with actions in VMS and vice versa.  The most typical use cases are:
    • Opening doors remotely by pressing a button in the VMS.
    • Start video and audio recording when someone presses the button on the intercom.
    • If the IP intercom detects motion in front of the door, it can inform the other cameras to zoom in on the area.
    • Our powerful automation feature plays an important role in making this a possibility. 

Benefits for system integrators

  • Rely on IP intercoms that are verified and truly open.
  • Design compatible solutions with high value through 2N integration options.
  • Easy configuration of 2N IP intercoms within supported Video Management Systems.

Important information

2N IP intercoms and speakers support ONVIF, but we do not guarantee compatibility with all ONVIF-conformant VMS. ONVIF implementation can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer - so always verify the supported scope and versions in our interoperability manual.

We have already successfully tested integrations with Milestone, Genetec or Exacq and in the upcoming months, we will retest other main VMS partners to ensure we provide reliable integration and that all the main features are supported.

License requirements: To be able to use the ONVIF T and ONVIF S profiles, you will need to upload the Gold License to the 2N IP intercoms.

2N IP intercoms that support both ONVIF S and T profiles

All our IP intercoms (with the exception of the 2N® IP Uni) support both profiles. This includes high-security intercoms such as the 2N® IP Force and 2N® IP Safety, as well as truly groundbreaking, modern devices such as the 10’’ touchscreen 2N® IP Style, the highly modular 2N® IP Verso and the next generation of it - the Full HD camera-equipped 2N®IP Verso 2.0.

For a full list of 2N devices that support ONVIF S and T profiles, including our SIP speakers and IP intercoms not listed here, visit the ONVIF website.

Want to integrate an advanced IP intercom with your VMS for a more secure building?

Once you’ve integrated – the best, most advanced IP intercom features will all be possible thanks to ONVIF profile T and profile S support! Which integration do you need? Find detailed resources on over 200 integration partners below.

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