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2N® IP Style Display Raises Eyebrows And Takes People’s Breath Away

When visitors see the huge display of the 2N IP® Style for the first time, they often just stare at it in amazement. Ten inches in HD resolution is certainly not the standard among today’s home intercoms. But we didn’t choose such an exclusive display just for effect. Read on.

Sun-friendly display

You all know the situation - the sun is shining on the display, so you can’t see a thing. All you can do is try the old trick of putting your face right up to the screen and using your hands to create some shade. That’s precisely what we didn’t want. The high level of brightness of the display on the 2N® IP Style guarantees perfect readability even on a hot summer’s day. And you don’t even have to look directly at it. The extremely wide viewing angle of 170° means that visitors will see beautiful colours on the intercom even when looking at it from the side.2N® IP Style intercom

10 inches and superb resolution

Size matters, or at least it certainly does with an intercom. A 10-inch display draws the attention of passers-by, as well as enhancing the status of the building and everyone in it. The developer can increase the price when selling units by significantly more than the cost of the 2N® IP Style at the entrance. This is because the device provides clear evidence that everything in the building is of the very highest quality. In addition, the smooth animations and rich colours stand out best on a large display like this. And you can forget about pixellation. The 1280 x 800 TFT IPS resolution is high enough to allow the intercom to display the freckles on the left cheek of the lady living in flat A308.

Ghost input

Do you know who your call is put through to using a classic touchscreen intercom in the rain? Either no one or five neighbours all at once. This is because a conventional display identifies the impact of raindrops as touches on the screen and it starts calling everyone as if its life depended on it. With the 2N® IP Style, you don't have to worry about anything like that. The intercom’s software automatically calibrates the display so that it recognises and ignores raindrops. But that doesn’t mean the 2N® IP Style ignores all touches made in the rain. When you touch the display with your finger, it responds instantly.

The 2N® IP Style can do (and see) more

Are you interested in the camera’s image quality? Then read our article focusing on the high-end lens and image processing. Stay tuned for more articles on the 2N® IP Style. We will discuss its robustness, introduce the options offered by the graphic interface, and list all the access control options.

Are you looking for an intercom with a high-end display?

Recommend the 2N® IP Style for your project, but don’t forget to warn your customers that they won’t be able to take their eyes off it.

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