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2N® IP Style video intercom offers an AntiBac scratch protection film

Our ground-breaking video intercom features a scratch protection film that makes it scratch-resistant and provides antibacterial protection

The 2N® IP Style features a 10’’ touchscreen that not only looks great but can be used in several ways: showing notifications to residents/personnel, displaying business directories in multi-company sites, and it can even play videos in standby mode.

video intercomsBut, what about hygiene and antibacterial protection? And can such a sleek touchscreen be made scratch-resistant too? 

Yes! We solved this concern and made our flagship video intercom’s touchscreen display safe from not only cyber threats and vandals – but also pandemics. And it wasn’t easy! It’s one thing to add an AntiBac scratch protection film, and it’s another thing to make sure that it doesn’t compromise the performance of the intercom itself. 

But – we made it work. After testing and researching many different coatings, we eventually found the perfect fit - a unique screen protector with an independent ISO lab validation that kills 99% of all bacteria and viruses within 2 minutes. 

Our AntiBac screen protector ensures the permanent antibacterial protection of the 10’’ touchscreen display of the 2N® IP Style, as it is powered by natural light. What’s more, it has eco-friendly, non-leaching surface technology. 

It doesn’t end there. This screen protector adds extra value – it makes the video intercom scratch-resistant with a hardness rating of 9 (normal touchscreens have a rating of around 6), increasing the durability of the intercom’s display and protecting it against pretty much anything you can scratch it with! All whilst maintaining the smooth operation of the display and suppressing false touches caused by raindrops.

What else is great about the 2N® IP Style video intercom’s display?

Sunlight-Resistant Display

We're all familiar with the dilemma: the sun glaring on the screen makes it nearly impossible to see anything. Resorting to the old trick of getting up close to the screen and using hands for shade is exactly what we sought to eliminate. The 2N® IP Style's display boasts exceptional brightness, ensuring optimal visibility even on scorching summer days without the need to gaze directly at it. With an expansive 170° viewing angle, visitors can enjoy vibrant colors on the intercom even from the side.

Impressive 10-Inch Size and HD Resolution

In the realm of IP intercoms, size matters. A 10-inch display not only captures the attention of passers-by but also elevates the stature of the building and its occupants. The 2N® IP Style's large display contributes to a significant increase in unit prices upon sale, increasing the value of the entrance system. The display's 1280 x 800 TFT IPS resolution ensures clear, detailed visuals, allowing the IP intercom to reveal even the smallest details without any pixelation.


Ever had issues using a touchscreen in the rain? The 2N® IP Style addresses this common problem by automatically calibrating the display to differentiate and ignore raindrops. Unlike conventional displays that interpret raindrops as touches, causing multiple misdirected calls, the 2N® IP Style IP intercom ensures accurate touch recognition even in rainy conditions.

Advanced capabilities

As mentioned before, the touchscreen has proven its effectiveness in numerous projects, serving as a display for business directories (ideal for multi-tenant commercial projects), a notice board for resident messages, and even showcasing custom images in a slideshow. With the recent 2N OS 2.41 update, the potential of the touchscreen has been elevated to new heights.

Now, you can play videos on the 10’’ display of the 2N® IP Style. This update unlocks the full potential of the premium video intercom, transforming it into more than just a door-opening device. Explore the various scenarios in which video playback on the intercom can be a game-changer:

  • Company Introduction Videos: Impress and inform visitors with compelling company presentations
  • Animated Building Logos: Showcase a dynamic sequence of the building’s company logos for a modern and engaging display
  • Important Video Messages for Residents: Deliver crucial information or updates through impactful video messages
  • Visitor Instructions: Provide clear instructions to visitors through video, enhancing communication
  • Seasonal Animations: Add a festive touch with seasonal animations, like falling snowflakes for Christmas or an animated pumpkin for Halloween
  • Revenue Generation via Video Adverts: Explore the potential to generate extra revenue by incorporating video advertisements into the display

Interested in a touchscreen video intercom with scratch resistance and antibacterial protection?

Order the new 2N® IP Style AntiBac by speaking to us today! Already installed the 2N® IP Style? Don’t worry, you can buy an antibacterial coating as an additional accessory.

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