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2N® LiftGate – a new 4in1 IoT lift gateway

Do you need IP connectivity in a lift? Do you want to see and hear what’s going on in the cabin? Have you thought about displaying targeted ads to residents on a multimedia panel? It won’t be easy. The traveling cable only has a 2-wire cable. What now?

Don’t’ worry, all you need is a suitable converter, IP switch and LTE router. And don’t forget a backup power supply either. You’ll also need to find out if all the devices are certified. Is all that searching for devices and finding information already giving you a headache?Lift product

There’s an easier way to do things. Choose 2N® LiftGate, a solution that combines all the devices you need. Introducing a simple way to ensure multimedia emergency communication in a lift.


Install the 2N® LiftGate lift gateway in the machine room. This communicates with the outside world via a data SIM card or a conventional WAN port. Place a 2N® LiftGate Cabin Switch on the roof of the lift cabin. Connect it to an IP communicator in the lift, an IP camera, an IP reader and if you want, a multimedia advertising panel too. Connect the main 2N® LiftGate unit to the 2N® LiftGate Cabin Switch via the 2-wire in the traveling cable.


All you need to do is connect the 2N®LiftGate gateway to a power source, make sure there’s an internet connection and the device will automatically configure itself. This means you can immediately administer it using the 2N® Elevator Center cloud service, just like all our new IP devices for lifts. Do you prefer SMS notifications and control? 2N® LiftGate can do that too.

A little extra

Do you want to know about all the things the gateway’s 2 relay inputs and 2 relay outputs can be used for? Our sales staff will be happy to tell you more.

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