27.07.2022 Solutions

2N Products Solve a Global Concern – Can We Help You With Yours?

When vaccine providers across the EU were looking for a product that could both cater to their niche needs for access control and meet their high expectations – who did they choose? 2N of course!

It might surprise most, but intelligent access control played a major role in ensuring safe and efficient COVID vaccine production. 2N, being at the forefront of access control, helped several EU vaccine providers secure their facilities to the highest level while meeting their niche requirements. How? Well, we provided our customers with intelligent IP access control that kept the physical premises secure, allowed for safe hygiene practices, as well as top-level protection against cybersecurity threats.Success Story – Vaccines

Our customers chose the super-versatile 2N® IP Verso, loved for its customisable, modular nature – as well as our advanced and innovative WaveKey technology that ensures secure keyless entry via Bluetooth. No more dirty access cards that can be lost or stolen! What’s more, they loved the seamless integration, system control and installation, as well as the high-spec remote video access and easy administration.

Got an important product, and need a solution that lives up to your high standards? Choose 2N today!

Read on for more details about how we made our customers happy and played our part in allowing them to help the world