02.12.2020 Software

A Courier Isn’t Santa Claus. But Anything Is Possible. After All, It’s Christmas

Everyone buys their Christmas presents online these days, and this year even more so. Unfortunately, a courier isn’t Santa Claus. If nobody answers the door when he calls, he leaves along with the present. Getting the parcel back in the pre-Christmas rush is a superhuman task. But we have a solution.

mobile access controlOur modern intercom by the door to the building and the magic 2N® Mobile Video application installed in residents’ phones can transform any courier or postal worker into Santa Claus. And let’s be honest, which of your future residents wouldn’t want a service like that? Especially now in the run-up to Christmas.

Explaining the system to building residents is amazingly simple: “Whenever anyone rings the doorbell, an image from the entrance camera appears on the display of your mobile phone. You can conduct a video call with the visitor in exactly the same way as if you were sitting in your living room. The visitor need not suspect that you happen to be in the office, in a tram or on a beach in the Caribbean. You can open the entrance door or the garden gate for the courier directly from the application, or let them directly into the parcel room, which most modern apartment buildings have nowadays.

There are many benefits for residents. 2N® Mobile Video gives the resident immediate information about what’s happening in front of their building. All they have to do is open the application. They can look back through photos of visitors who called but didn’t get through, while encrypted communication guarantees a greater sense of security.

But that’s not the main motivation. Who could resist the chance to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus at the door?

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