We’re giving you one last chance to get 2N analogue intercoms: but after that, it's IP intercoms all the way!

2N analogue intercomsYou’re probably well aware that at 2N, we’re all about the future of access technology: but we’re equally aware that some of you still want analogue intercoms for certain projects. 

So, because of a higher than we anticipated demand, plus the unexpected availability of certain components - we are extending the sale of analogue intercoms for one last year!

It’s your final chance to get your hands on them, because as we mentioned – IP intercoms are the best choice for every project and there are many ways to make the integration of new technology seamless and convenient: see below for more info.

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Product table & final order dates

Name Order number Final order date*
2N® Analog Safety - 1 button 9152201-E 01.02.2024
2N® Analog Force - 1 button & keypad 9151201K-E 01.02.2024
2N® Analog Force - 4 buttons 9151204-E 01.02.2024
2N® Analog Force - 1 button 9151201-E 01.05.2024
2N® Analog UNI - 1 button 9153201-E 01.05.2024
2N® Analog UNI - 2 button 9153202-E 01.05.2024
2N® Analog Vario 1x button 9135110E 01.09.2024
2N® Analog Vario 3 x single button 9135130E 01.09.2024
2N® Analog Vario 3 x double button 9135160E 01.09.2024
2N® Analog Vario 1x button + keypad 9135110KE 01.09.2024
2N® Analog Vario 3 x single button + keypad 9135130KE 01.09.2024
2N® Analog Vario 3 x double button + keypad 9135160KE 01.09.2024
2N® Analog video camera 9135200E 01.09.2024
2N® Analog Intercom Programming Tool 9135220E 01.09.2024
2N® Analog Intercom additional switch 9135250E 01.09.2024
2N® Analog Intercom additional switch with exit button support (for Analog Vario only) 9135251E 01.09.2024
2N® Analog Intercom additional switch with exit button support (for Analog Force/Safety only) 9151020 01.09.2024

*Or while stocks last

What benefits do IP intercoms offer?

When you install an IP intercom, you can offer your customers more. More advanced features, more convenience, and more potential. Analogue intercoms simply don’t offer the same level of technology.

Advanced features offered by 2N IP intercoms include:

  • Fast, reliable and secure mobile access powered by patented Bluetooth technology WaveKey
  • Remote door opening for residents via our new My2N app
  • The 2N® IP Style intercom offers two-way video calling when paired with the 2N® IP Phone D7A!
  • Open integration with third-party technology: a must in any modern-day development
  • Flexible, multi-user access: the new 2N® IP Verso 2.0  intercom now includes QR code reading

Browse our full range of IP intercoms  and discover their limitless potential!

Remote management & easier configuration

One of the major advantages of 2N’s IP video door entry systems is that they're much more flexible than analogue systems: they're connected to a network so it's easy to add or remove users, manage devices, and configure installations. On top of this, IP video entry systems come with remote management platforms such as the My2N Management Platform  that allow you to control, set up and manage the system and devices in it from anywhere in the world!

Easier to integrate with 3rd party systems

Today, whether in the residential or commercial segments, customers use a large range of technology partners that they often want their video door entry system to be able to connect to, for example existing security systems, CCTV cameras and alarms. We build our products on open protocols and partner with over 300 companies  – making integration a breeze.

IP technology offers overall better-quality access

Old analogue systems often suffer from interference: buzzing, humming, and crackling. IP video door entry systems allow for crystal clear audio, and often Full HD images, too – provided you choose an IP video intercom such as the 2N® IP Style or 2N® IP Verso 2.0 that have Full HD cameras! Better quality access leads to better quality security, quicker response times in incidents, and overall, more satisfaction from your customers.

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How can I install IP intercoms and other IP technology in retrofit projects?

Many old retrofit projects have old two-wire cabling, or perhaps even no cabling at all – however, they can still use IP technology. IP video door entry systems only require one cable, which supplies both power (PoE) and a connection.

Convert the existing cabling using a converter

Use a converter to send IP digital signals via analogue cables. On one side (usually the IP video intercom at the entrance), the converter converts the IP signal to analogue, and on the other side (at the answering units) the converter converts the analogue signal back to IP. You can also add an NVT PoLRE switch.

Use a cloud to interconnect devices

Insufficient cabling or no cabling at all? Not a problem if you use a cloud platform. It lets you connect intercoms, answering units and even access control readers to the cloud and interconnect them via the internet.

Want to change over to IP but are unsure about something?

No worries – our team are here to help you. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk with you about what you’re missing by not taking advantage of IP technology!

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