07.09.2020 Products

And Would You Like Some Bulk Administration Software to Go With That?

That is the question you should be asking your customers for any large project. You can now easily offer them 2N® Access Commander. Just show them the new demo!

2N® Access Commander is amazing software for bulk administration of our IP devices. It is ideal for use in projects with 10 devices and 50 users. We aim to make sure your customers can add users to the system and set zones and access themselves. Instead of spending time driving to the client’s site, you can then devote your energy to new projects which really do earn you money.

Who will handle things for the customer instead of you? Anyone from the HR Department will add users. The receptionist set up visitor access. the IT Manager can handle change to access zones. 2N® Access Commander software can keep attendance records. This means that the customer saves on costs for a separate attendance system.

Offer 2N® Access Commander and increase the value of the project, thus also increasing your profit margin.

How do you offer the software?

Show your customers our new demo. They’ll see a clear software environment. Demonstrate the software’s properties, how the software records logs and how it works with attendance records. Data in the demo corresponds to a classic installation with dozens of users and several intercoms and access readers.

When you first log in to the demo, we’ll ask you to provide your details. This lets us help you with the project. But only if that is what you yourself want. The next time you log in, all you’ll need is your e-mail address.

Did you delete all the users in the demo when you demonstrated the software to a customer? Things like that do sometimes happen. But don’t worry. Next time you log in, we’ll reset everything and you can start with the original data.

Try out the new demo and offer 2N® Access Commander in your next project.

Try out the demo