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Another 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Wavekey

And the questions keep coming. The article on the 5 most frequently asked questions about WaveKey was a success, so here are five more questions whose answers you need to know.

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At what range does the reader respond?

The range (distance) at which the reader responds can be set to short (approximately 2 m) and long (up to 10 m). The longest range is typically set on readers that control garage doors. You can’t set the range in Card mode. By its very nature, this mode requires the user to swipe their phone in front of the reader, the same as with a card.

Will WaveKey work if the user is using Bluetooth headphones?

Yes. Mobile phones can typically communicate via BLE with several external Bluetooth devices (smartwatches, headphones and speakers, etc.). Communication with each connected device (including the access reader) takes place on its own channel and is independent of other connected devices.

How is WaveKey technology secured?

Bluetooth communication is protected by our own security channel. We used AES-128 and RSA-1024 encryption keys. It’s literally impossible to eavesdrop and misuse access credentials. Administrators can set Tap in app mode at the door. This increases security because the user has to unlock their phone to get into the app and open the door. It doesn’t matter how secure an RFID card is, if an unauthorised person finds it, it can always be misused. With WaveKey, that simply can’t happen.

Which devices and operating systems is WaveKey compatible with?

iOS 12.0 or higher in case of Apple devices. In case of the Android operating system, we support version 6.0, but to enjoy the ideal user experience, we recommend version 8.0 or higher. We’ve also listed all tested devices for you with a rating of their reliability.

Do you have any other questions?

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