13.08.2021 Solutions

Be Inspired by Smart Solutions for Elevators at (Not Just) Airports

Airports are starting to modernise their infrastructure and introduce smart building solutions. And naturally, elevators will be part of this trend. What does a smart elevator look like today, not just at airports? Why should you have one and what will you need?

Catalogue, handsWhat makes an elevator “smart”?

Just like houses or buildings, it’s the integration of multiple systems. Link emergency communication to the CCTV system and the operator can take a video call from the elevator cabin. The public address system can inform passengers in the cabin that a plane is waiting for them. Add an access control system so that no one can enter floors only accessible to airport staff. Online management and targeting display advertising are the icing on the cake.

What will you need?

Needless to say, the foundation is internet connection in the elevator cabin. But you don’t have to worry about that at all. You no longer need a separate UTP cable, or to combine various routers, converters, switches and backup power supplies. You simply need one IoT gateway and two wires in the trailing cable to connect smart devices.

And what are the advantages?

First and foremost, it will streamline your work. You’ll be able to monitor all your devices 24/7 and manage them remotely. This saves you the most valuable thing of all - time and money spent on unnecessary visits to the installation site. At the same time, you can offer your customers collected data to optimise elevator operation and value-added services. They will even be happy to pay extra for that, because it increases the value of the building, as well as user comfort and safety.

Want to know more?

Read our case study on smart elevators and be inspired for your own projects.

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