05.12.2019 Compatibility

Connect 2N Intercoms and Genetec Software Quickly and Easily

Do you have products with software by Genetec but don’t know how to integrate them with 2N products? We have a new video manual for you that will make these concerns a thing of the past. You don’t have to worry about a lengthy and tedious manual. We’ve abridged everything for you to present all the really important things you need to know.

The open protocol we use and the simple integration of our products make 2N one of the leading players in the field of integration. That’s why we are constantly able to gain further certification with new integration partners. But collaboration like this does not end with new certification by an integration partner. We go much further and would like collaboration with our partners to be beneficial for the customers we have in common too.

We’ve prepared an instructional video on the easiest way to set up and manage this integration. The video will take the user through setting up a video stream from the intercom to Omnicast (VMS), receiving calls on Sipelia (PBX) or sending information about building access from access control to Synergis. You can also find information about integration on our profile on the Genetec website.

Take a look at the video manual for the integration of 2N and Genetec.