26.03.2020 Solutions

Door Opening Conveniently, Securely and without Needing to Touch Them

We know you care about your customers. Offer them a secure and convenient way to enter their home or office. With Bluetooth readers by 2N and the 2N® Mobile Key application, they no longer need a key or even an access card, just their mobile phone.

This means the phone itself works as a virtual access card. In Touch mode, it can even open the door if the user has the phone in their pocket or bag. The user simply touches the reader, even if they’re wearing gloves, or with their elbow if their hands full, or if they don’t want to touch the device at all with bare hands.

Your customers can also use Tap, a completely touch-free app alternative. With this, the user can open the door directly from their mobile phone, either through the app or now just with a single click on a widget (Android devices only).

Haven’t tried opening doors with a mobile phone yet?

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